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You are coming up to your final few months at university – or worse yet, you have already finished – and you hear those fateful words: “Better get ready for the real world.”

What is this “real world” of which they speak, and why does no one seem to like it? While you may want to hide in your cozy student bubble forever, alas the real world comes for all of us.

Not quite ready for it? Escape through Degree2Fiji’s graduate scheme which lets you skip the 9-5 and explore the beautiful islands of Fiji instead.

But it won’t just be play and no work. The scheme is designed to help you learn all the skills you need in the workplace for when that office desk comes a-calling.

The description states the scheme will “encourage communication, leadership, teamwork, and confidence-building”.

The lucky winner will fully immerse themselves in Fiji’s unique culture by participating in traditional rituals and teaching local children.

If selected, you will speak on behalf of Tourism Fiji, gaining skills in communication and marketing; contribute to wildlife conservation, gaining teamwork skills and compassion; and explore the stunning sights around the 300 small islands which make up Fiji, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Expect skydiving, hiking and rafting, sunbathing, kayaking and teaching.

The job description states: “You’ll come away from your time in Fiji with new skills that will take you confidently into the working world.

“By the time your time with us ends, you will have travelled to the other side of the globe and had the once in a lifetime experience of a completely unique graduate scheme.

“We’re positive you’ll leave the islands with a newfound confidence to take you on to your next position.”

Put together by Fiji’s tourism board, Degree4Fiji is aimed at UK-based final-year students and recent graduates who are yet to enter full-time work or an internship or graduate scheme.

To apply, all you have to do is upload a 30 second video of yourself detailing who you are, where and what you study/studied, and one of your passions to social media with the hashtag #Degree2Fiji.

The adventure will take part for one month over June 2018, during which you will become the voice of Fiji’s tourism board.

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