UberEATS will rescue you from case of the munchies ... or just bad campus food
Om nom nom. Source: Shutterstock.

Food delivery service UberEATS is on its way to more than 85 major colleges in the United States this fall, reports USA Today College.

Students in 54 colleges, including Ohio State, Stanford, Temple and the University of Florida, currently enjoy the app’s services. The addition of 31 other colleges to the service for this Fall semester will rescue students at institutions like Texas A&M University and the University of Missouri-Columbia, from unscheduled hunger pangs and unsatisfactory cafeteria food.


Similar to the ride-hailing app Uber, UberEATS lets you request for food from one of its partner restaurants via an app to be delivered right to your doorstep. The app’s reach spans several cities and across continents. Last year, the company launched the app in Amsterdam, Dubai and Johannesburg in an ambitious push to expand in the international takeaway market.

The service is so popular in one Australian high school that its principal banned it as the delivery drivers are considered “unauthorised visitors” and have not passed mandatory security checks.

UberEATS is in partnership with nearly 60,000 restaurants, including fast food giants McDonald’s and Popeye’s – you can even order the hyped porchetta sandwich from San Francisco’ Roli Roti or sushi rolls from Los Angeles’ Big Fish Japanese Cuisine.

But for college students, wings, pizzas and tacos reign supreme, according to Uber.

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