UBC’s Vantage College: Canadians need not apply


The University of British Columbia is building an exclusive new college at a cost of more than $127 million, but Canadian students need not apply. The college will house only high-paying international students, most of them from China.

It may only be a big hole in the ground right now, but the Vantage College project has already angered many university students who say the money could have been better spent to improve student housing and limit tuition increases.

“It’s very disrespectful, said UBC student Aspen Dirk, “and a bit of a slap to the face.”

Students say UBC is spending $127.5 million at a time when money is tight to build a stand-alone college complete with its own residential tower for 1,000 international students.

The website for the college, which targets wealthy overseas Asian students, promises “round the clock support,” a “custom curriculum,”  and lower class sizes.

It allows students whose English-language test scores don’t meet UBC’s standards (but whose academic standards do) to enter a special first-year program designed just for them. If they complete the first-year program successfully, then they are able to continue into their second year at UBC.

Students will pay more than $50,000 a year for the privilege which includes tuition, accommodation and health care.

International students only

Even domestic students with English-as-a-second-language needs who can afford it, still aren’t welcome.

The Canadian Federation of Students says UBC’s priorities are wrong and the university should be looking at supporting existing students. (CBC)

“You can only apply to Vantage College if you are an international student, not a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident,” says the Vantage College website. Read the whole article.

This article was originally published on CBC News.