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Invest your time and talent

When you invest your time into the University of Bedfordshire Business School (UBBS), you’ll come face-to-face with effective, practice-based education. To secure your future career, this business school believes that it’s imperative to involve engaging practice weeks throughout your programme of study. As such, the school has designed innovative output-based learning activities to enhance your understanding of complex topics. Essentially, you will be learning by doing, and that’s undoubtedly a positive approach to education. Five Professors in Management Practice will guide you through sessions, and their experience of finance, consultancy and business systems will motivate you to learn.

It’s not only the involvement of senior figures from industry that gives this business school an edge; it’s also its remarkable reputation. As the largest business school in the region, UBBS accommodates around 7,000 students and 140 full-time staff, as well as a further 60 visiting Professors, Scholars, Fellows and Practitioners. The university itself has achieved a prestigious award from the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) for excellent teaching and has rightfully earned its place in the Times Higher Education rankings for the second consecutive year. With impressive facts and figures to support its ability to perform, it’s easy to understand why students are flocking to UBBS open days.

Conquer the curriculum 

UBBS hosts a multitude of courses from which you can choose.  By catering to current market demand, the university has combined the traditional business route with contemporary counterparts. For example, there’s the opportunity to pursue the BA (Hons) Business Studies with Marketing course plus a Sandwich Year placement. Labelled by the school as a centre point for 21st-century business practice, marketing opens your mind to the modern dynamics of the subject.

Much like other course structures, this pathway includes a year of industry-based work where your talent meets market. This unique sandwich element grants you the exposure and skills you need to thrive in the working world. Additionally, this Business School offers you the chance to go global and take your studies overseas. Here, there’s the possibility to visit incredible places like India, Shanghai, Mauritius and Dubai.

It’s the global appeal and high-quality courses that interested BA (Hons) Business student Sabath Shazia.  As she explains, “I’ve always had an interest in business and this school offers a lot to learn. The course is interesting and the facilities here are brilliant, especially the Business Pods. For me, the best unit has been project management as we got the chance to visit Malawi which helped me with future career and prepared me for the real world.”

Become EmployAble at Bedfordshire

UBBS understands the modern-day challenges of employability and how crucial it is to be as prepared as can be. Powered by its forward-thinking EmployAble initiative, UBBS helps you recognise your strengths and weaknesses before you enter the workplace. A key focus on your career prospects is essential, especially in business. If you learn how to prepare for interviews, assessment centres and presentations early on, you’re likely to impress employers and increase your chances of acquiring your dream role.

The Bedfordshire Business School goes to great lengths to encourage students to seriously consider their futures, producing a series of Employability Maps to demonstrate the activities and opportunities students can participate in. Split into four key areas, the school shapes your professional development, portfolio experience, transferable skillset and probability of professional recognition and endorsement.

If you’d rather receive specific advice at a time that suits, you can always visit the drop-in Career Centre. This on-campus facility has everything ready for your employment needs.  There are bookable careers guidance appointments and support sessions specifically for international students. Plus, the centre provides leaflets and one-to-one guidance about how to find work in the UK.

Experience a business environment

UBBS supplies students with real-life working environments to stimulate their workflow and get them used to professional surroundings. To boost academic efficiency and to get you adjusted to an authentic office atmosphere, there are Business Pods set up around the school. These specially-created teaching spaces contain a state-of-the-art IT suite and stylish boardroom.  With an open-door policy, the pods help you to gain confidence in high-pressure situations such as important presentations and critical discussions.

For practice debates, video-conferencing facilities and interactive whiteboards, you can head over to the Moot Court. Equipped with a podium and seating for up to three judges, this room replicates the layout of a real-life court. What’s useful about this environment is the way you can record your debates and save them to a hard drive or DVD. Once you’ve completed your activities, you can play back your recordings and note down points of improvement – another effective way to learn.

But the room with the strongest industry connection is the Thomson Reuters trading facility. Used for gathering news, analytics, commentary and data from around the world, students enjoy making case studies on companies and build their portfolio of investment. It’s extremely beneficial to feature involvement with these practice-based areas as it shows future employers that you’re dedicated and driven to learn. After all, it’s always better to graduate as a real-world professional.

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