US boarding schools
Source: Garrison Forest School

Opportunities matter to children. As they discover who they are, they need to find avenues to find and be the best versions of themselves. Having the space to do this is crucial — a well-equipped lab, theatre, art room, field, and more, is more than a mere physical space during this precarious period of growth. It’s where young minds and bodies take shape, discovering passions and aptitudes of who they can and want to be.

A bright future is not the work of state-of-the-art facilities alone. The right teachers and staff are essential. Playing instructor, mentor and school parent, they are the engines that make good boarding schools great. It goes back to the adage that the best schools empower learning not just within, but beyond the classroom.

The result? Well-rounded students ready for college, life and beyond. Here are two boarding schools in the US that make this ideal vision a reality:

The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland

Located on 72 rolling acres of countryside, The Boys’ Latin School of Maryland is an all-boys independent school with boarding geared to students in Grades 9 through 12. Situated 15 minutes from downtown Baltimore, Boys’ Latin is where every boy is known as they discover who they are today and what they will be tomorrow. It’s the power of a small boarding school.

US boarding schools

Source: The Boys’ Latin School

“Boys have opportunities to pursue their passions, discover new interests and receive world-class instruction from faculty members at the top of their fields. Boys are supported by a tight-knit community and discover friendships that last a lifetime,” explains Headmaster Chris Post.

The community Post speaks of was designed for boarders to blend in with the larger Laker community. Picture day students visiting the dorms to collaborate on a history project, play video games or spend time with their “brothers.” These were the best parts of living at Boys’ Latin for Jacob Pacheco.

“The most important reason I chose to attend Boys’ Latin was the strong sense of community,” says Pacheco. “Once I became more familiar with my peers and made some great friends, Boys’ Latin quickly became a place for me to call home.”

You’ll see the same enthusiasm when it comes to academics. Here, day students and faculty members are passionate about helping boarders in study groups. It’s little wonder why 81% of graduates attend “Most Competitive” or “Highly Competitive” colleges, according to Barron’s Profiles of American Colleges.

Boarding at Boys’ Latin would not be complete without its arts, athletics and robotics programmes. Instead of competing for limited spots, boys are free to explore and hone any interest here.

Through music, theatre, and visual and digital arts, they embrace their creative nature. Student-athletes get to compete at the highest level, as the school has a history of fielding winning teams as members of the Maryland Interscholastic Athletic Association — one of the most competitive leagues in the country. And as a small school, students have countless opportunities to pursue new interests and explore their passions.

If you seek a fantastic boarding school near cities like Baltimore  and Washington, DC, with solid academic performance and reputation, apply to Boys’ Latin today.

Garrison Forest School

Compassion, empathy and independence – these are some of the values girls boarding at Garrison Forest School (GFS) learn. GFS is a private, independent all-girls school that offers boarding from Grades 8 through 12.

Here, boarders receive more than just care and support. Residential Life faculty and staff are ever-willing to support girls in navigating situations non-boarders might not encounter until college – like dealing with homesickness and more. But what makes GFS stand out is how studying and living here light many sparks that lead to character development, global competency and wellness.

US boarding schools

Source: Garrison Forest School

“I chose to study at GFS because the community felt very inclusive and friendly and I felt like it was a very comfortable space for me to learn and develop my confidence,” shares student Emine.

Students who aspire to lead can take on the role of a Prefect – living and leading the residence halls in a way that not only develops the sense of self but also sharpens many of the soft skills they will need in life. That’s not to say that boarders don’t have fun: shopping trips, local and regional excursions, and fun outings are part of the weekly residential programme.

In the classrooms, girls are not afraid to break the norm. Take the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) programme, for example. Here, young girls dive into their passion for STEM and get real-life, hands-on experience in a real lab at Johns Hopkins University under a professor or graduate student for a semester.

The setting for GFS’s innovative, safe and supportive boarding? A 110-acre campus – wooded, serene and conveniently located within a short drive to an airport and train station. It is about an hour’s drive from Washington, DC, about two hours from Philadelphia and about three hours from New York City.

Each week, off-campus trips are scheduled for learners to explore nearby shopping areas, restaurants and other points of interest. Activities on campus are just as dynamic — including nationally-recognised riding and polo programmes, athletics, arts (visual and performing), and more.

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