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TU Dublin: The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management gets students career-ready no matter their specialisation

Providing high-quality service, great attention to detail, and adaptability — these are some of the skills expected of a professional in the hospitality, tourism and event industries alike. At Technological University Dublin’s (TU Dublin) School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, students develop these abilities — and so much more.

TU Dublin graduates also develop attributes that will add significant value to any organisation they join. These attributes include emotional intelligence, hospitality, intercultural communication, critical thinking and analysis, problem-solving, global citizenship, leadership and entrepreneurship among many others.

It’s a unique mix of these that’s elevated the careers of many from its postgraduate programmes in tourism, hospitality and event management. Equipped for numerous senior positions in the broader industry, TU Dublin graduates find many roles open to them, including senior conference producer, venue manager, travel design director, general manager, revenue manager, operations manager, and event manager. What’s more, graduates also secure senior roles in other service sectors which they are equally suited for, such as project management, sales development, customer support manager, digital account strategist, and accounts manager.

Such wide-ranging prowess can be traced to the school’s hands-on approach. “Coming from a BA in European Studies, I found The Tourism Management master’s refreshingly practical,” says Sara Hosford, an MSc Tourism Management graduate who is now the Travel Design Director of Celebrated Experiences. “Theory is always backed up with meaningful case studies, helping to consolidate learnings into real-life scenarios. Undertaking practical assignments within the master’s also put this into practice, teaching us real skills across a range of disciplines that we would need once in the field ourselves.”

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The travel and tourism industry is vibrant, varied and global — features that require its students to be multi-faceted. “Sharing some lectures with Event and Hospitality Management master’s students also helped highlight the interconnectivity of these fields and give an invaluable overarching knowledge of the industry, equipping us to work in a variety of tourism-related fields once graduated. Altogether, a very rounded and useful master’s programme,” she says.

Just as multidisciplinary is the MSc Hospitality Management. This programme is one of TU Dublin’s most sought-after programmes and the first programme of its kind in the Republic of Ireland. It includes a business-based curriculum that arms students with an unparalleled knowledge base as well as management skills and analytic capabilities that are crucial for all types of organisations, from luxury hotels, restaurants and cruise ships, to catering operations, nightclubs and a range of other hospitality oriented firms.

Its four core modules are Managerial Finance and Entrepreneurialism, The Effective Manager, Emerging Industry Issues and Emerging issues in Tourism, Hospitality and Events. Electives include International Hospitality Operations Management, Strategic Revenue Management Solutions, and a Dissertation (including Research Methods). For the thesis, students can conduct an independent piece of research on a chosen topic related to their sector. Those scored as excellent can also create new knowledge, conference presentations and publications, which themselves are key attributes that employers are looking for.

The MSc Event Management is just as career-focused, as it includes engaging work that relates to real scenarios in the industry. “The diversity of the course brought about an awareness of emerging issues and opportunities, asking students to think critically and creatively through interactive and engaging assignments,” says Nicola Coetzer, an MSc Event Management graduate. “Attending weekly classes and listening to guest speakers allowed me to gain insights into the Irish sector. As an international student, this was the most beneficial to furthering my knowledge, along with meeting like-minded professionals on the course which would ultimately progress my professional career. I developed relationships that turned into opportunities to work in the sector that allowed me to put my skills to the test on foreign soil.”

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Source: TU Dublin

Nicola loved how her programme explored sustainability as well. “Through the Sustainable Events Industry Knowledge (SEIK) programme, I was able to connect with industry professionals and through these contacts, landed my dream job in sustainable event management and production with Native Events,” she says. “I realise how fundamental the course was to obtain it. I now not only work for passion but for purpose, and I can only thank TU Dublin and its dedicated staff for providing an exceptional platform for self-development, where the hunger for knowledge can open doors beyond your wildest dreams.”

TU Dublin’s School of Tourism and Hospitality Management is extremely well networked with industry leaders, community and educational bodies — nationally and internationally — giving students access to innumerable connections. It certainly sets graduates up for success, giving them first-hand experiences and coursework based on real life, as well as linking them with future employers. As a graduate, you will be career-ready, possess a wide range of transferable skills and achieve your future goals.

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