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TRIUM Global Executive MBA: Leadership Live! Transformative Leadership in action on game changing Capstone Projects

What it means to be an effective business leader has evolved over the years. Global consciousness around diversity, equity, and inclusion is at new heights. New digital technologies, from AI to automation, are transforming the modern workplace. Then there’s the environment, rising global inequality, and evolving geopolitical tensions, to consider, to name just three. “Today’s leaders are much more challenged in that first they operate in a much more complex, uncertain and volatile environment,” says Professor Hervé Coyco, TRIUM Global Executive MBA professor. “And second, the expectations that lay on your shoulders are broader.”

TRIUM Global Executive MBA prepares you to rise to the challenge. “I believe the most advanced and important leadership style today is what I call leadership 4.0,” says Coyco. “It is about the ability of a leader to gather the collective intelligence of the team. The leader knows the direction but doesn’t know the solutions. It has to be explored and we are going to explore it together with the team.”

The TRIUM Global Executive MBA is the ideal platform for today’s senior executives to transform into effective leaders. Six in-person modules take place at six global locations over 18 months. You only need to be out of the office for 10 weeks. The EMBA starts with the first three modules in three world-class partner schools: London School of Economics and Political Science, New York University and HEC Paris — each module leveraging on the schools’ respective disciplines and strengths. Here, faculty teach the foundational MBA subjects and geopolitics, then go into advanced topics with regional perspectives, taught in dynamic global cities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

TRIUM Global Executive MBA

The TRIUM Global Executive MBA trains executives students to become better “Decision Architects.” Source: TRIUM Global Executive MBA

Integrated across the six TRIUM modules, the EMBA’s Leadership Stream is built around three pillars: state-of-the-art academic frameworks, in-depth experience sharing, and applied leadership in action. “The TRIUM experience was truly transformative, as it prepared me to step into a global leadership role, and it shaped the world of tomorrow for me,” says Daniel Mattle, Class of 2022.

For the Senior Director (Global Client Program Management) for Rentschler Biopharma SE, the programme stood out for its emphasis on leading multicultural teams. Learning how leadership styles work for different kinds of people and seeing how different people work was “a marvellous experience” and “extremely insightful.” “TRIUM was a safe haven with global executives and peer feedback to explore our different leadership styles,” he says.

The programme sharpened Mattle’s strategic decision-making as a biotech leader too. “Not everything can be done with a single strategy. This was a key takeaway for me in our Strategic Learning course,” he says. 

At every step of their journey, students like Mattle can test these new decision-making and leadership skills with their diverse cohort. Together with like-minded, ambitious, open-minded peers who come from a variety of careers and backgrounds, they can formulate and develop a concept for a new business idea, the strategic development or restructuring of an existing firm, NGO or social enterprise. 

TRIUM Global Executive MBA

Kashio and his winning Capstone Project team. Source: TRIUM Global Executive MBA

Real-world, life-changing Capstone Project

The Capstone Project is where executives can take those initial intuitions and turn them into real-life ventures. Unparalleled in impact, this is an opportunity for rigorous, real-world application of leadership abilities, where students can practise new learnings in a live business setting and the international business hub of Dubai.

In self-formed teams, they develop a business idea from inception to launch over the course of the programme. Past students — including directors of some of the world’s biggest multinationals — have felt a great sense of exhilaration and accomplishment through the Capstone Project. “It wasn’t easy getting there and yes there were clashes of opinion, ideas and methodologies,” says Gonta Kashio, Class of 2017. “However, it was with mutual respect, humility and tenacity that allowed us to achieve something great together. Most importantly, we had so much fun as well.”

Kashio and his Capstone Project team saw a need for equipment financing for African small to medium enterprises in the resource, agricultural and infrastructure sectors. In 17 months, they fine-tuned a business plan for Craft Capital Partners and coordinated schedules and deadlines around one another’s business travels. 

Kashio’s project would go on to earn a top mark for the Capstone, win the inaugural Capstone Cup, secure their first round of funding of US$25 million and ink a number of multi-million-dollar finance deals. “It is a testament to the value of the TRIUM experience,” says the Managing Director and Head of Business Development for Shiseido Group, the world’s fifth-largest cosmetic group operating in over 89 countries. “Creating something new, creating enduring friendships I did not think possible at this stage of life, has been a rejuvenating experience.”

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