TRIUM Global Executive MBA: New knowledge and a better network for a changing world
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TRIUM Global Executive MBA: New knowledge and a better network for a changing world

More context, more connections — a TRIUM Global Executive MBA offers both and more. In 2023, this EMBA has a new curriculum that’s paired with a powerful alumni network that spans the globe. “TRIUM will take business leaders to new and interesting locations like

Seoul and Nairobi which have moved up on the technology and innovation scale,” says Professor Robert Falkner, TRIUM Academic Dean. “These are global hotspots for future growth opportunities in the global economy.”

Run jointly by three of the world’s leading universities: London School of Economics and Political Science, New York University Stern and HEC Paris, the programme has been a top tier Global EMBA since its inception. Today, it’s ranked #1 in the QS Executive MBA rankings and #4 in the world by the Financial Times. Like the global business landscape, the programme is ever-evolving, giving senior executives insights into the contexts, challenges, and opportunities that define global business in a turbulent, unpredictable world. What you’ll learn are the latest thinking and best practices — which are as deep as they are contemporary.

Just ask Bjorn Storim, the CEO of BNY Mellon‘s European Bank, how TRIUM has stood the test of time for him. In the two decades since completing his TRIUM journey, he has ascended the corporate ladder, holding pivotal C-suite positions, including COO, CFO, and CRO. As he prepared to reunite with his fellow TRIUM Class of 2003 in London this September, Storim reflects on how this transformative experience has continued to benefit his career and why TRIUM remains close to his heart.

TRIUM Global Executive MBA

The diverse backgrounds and perspectives at TRIUM Global Executive MBA offer students valuable opportunities and insights. Source: TRIUM Global Executive MBA

“‘It‘s a big world. Someone has to run it.’ That’s how I felt in 2001 when I applied,” Storim says. “ I was looking for a first-class Executive MBA at a highly esteemed academic institution. I was driven by learning more outside banking and gaining a broader take on business, economics and politics in society – and at TRIUM, that’s exactly what I got.”

As a TRIUM graduate, Bjorn believes two key factors set him apart from the competition. “Firstly, I got a much broader approach to business compared to most bankers,” he says. “Secondly, the international experience and global network cannot be found anywhere else.”

TRIUM continues to lead the way in equipping senior executives with the toolkit to be among the first to respond to business challenges, be they opportunities or risks. The new curriculum is set to provide a holistic understanding of international business from multiple perspectives, taking students to six global locations and becoming the first programme of its kind to host a module in Africa.

The journey begins with core courses taught by world-class faculty at TRIUM’s home schools: LSE, NYU, and HEC Paris. These institutions are renowned for their academic excellence and global perspectives, setting a strong foundation for the rest of the programme.

As the programme progresses, students can dive deep into advanced topics with regional perspectives. They’ll go to Seoul, the heart of technological innovation and in a pivotal position in the Asian marketplace; Nairobi, a true frontier market with impressive growth potential; and Dubai, firmly established as an international business and finance hub. These locations are not chosen by chance; they are the drivers of the future global economy. TRIUM places its students at these destinations so that they are at the forefront of understanding these emerging markets and their potential for driving future business growth.

People matter too. Hence why the EMBA gives students direct access to four alumni networks. These form a remarkable network of high-achieving global business leaders, who are among the most qualified and insightful in the international business world. Consider the demographics of its executives, entrepreneurs, former military personnel, healthcare professionals and IT and energy specialists among them representing 30 nationalities. They have an average age of 40 and 15 years of work experience.

The diversity of backgrounds, perspectives, and areas of expertise within this network is a goldmine of opportunities. By joining TRIUM, students become part of this distinguished community, providing them with invaluable connections and insights. But that’s not all. TRIUM graduates are a part of the alumni communities of the partner schools as well, expanding their network even further.

“The FT ranking and individual profile of each partner school were crucial to my decision, as I wanted to have access to the most influential alumni networks around the world and be with classmates who shared the same goals and ambitions as I do,” says Elaine Tan, Class of 2016 graduate.

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