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TWU: The world has changed. Your future hasn’t

There’s no denying it. The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting education for over half the world’s student population, forcing many schools and universities to go online.

In Canada, however, one university is embracing the possibilities this new norm brings: Trinity Western University (TWU).

Using multi-access learning, TWU is forging a future-focused approach to education.

Central to this concept is a learning community and support system ready for students wherever they take their classes, according to TWU Executive Director of Online Learning Scott Macklin.

“Although borders might not open up, TWU will provide its globally-recognized brand of community across the globe,” he said.

Multi-access learning for the future

In 2020, taking a TWU course means having the choice to study offline, online or both. As TWU’s online learning system has been around since 2000, with a Moodle system created for each course, to study online with TWU is to tap into years of knowledge and experience teaching virtually effectively, with no compromise on quality.

Trinity Western University

“While there is tremendous value in attending university on a physical campus, there are many students who are not able to travel to Canada at the moment, or would prefer to begin their studies from within their home countries. TWU is able to provide a way for students to access high quality university education without the need to re-locate”. – Brian Kerr, Vice President of Enrolment.

TWU’s online classes and courses align with what the future of work is envisioned to be too: flexible and with multi-access work modes.

According to the new O2 Flexible Future of Work report, tomorrow’s workers are looking for better work-life balance, making them happier and more productive at work. Based on the data collected from a survey involving 2,000 working adults, nearly half (45%) believe flexible working will increase permanently, and a third (33%) expect to increase the amount they work from home by at least three days a week.

Recent events have shown how this flexible working agenda could quickly replace the old office-centric culture. Such trends accentuate the importance of multi-access learning like TWU’s. It teaches students the value of adaptability before entering their future role.

Future-focused Master’s programs for fast-growing industries

If you thought that the pre-coronavirus global job market was competitive, the pandemic is making it several times more. In this climate, it will be harder to make your CVs stand out.

Trinity Western University

Source: Trinity Western University

A TWU degree in a recession-proof field could be the solution to this.

The MA in Leadership, for example, equips students with the skills needed to become an effective 21st-century leader in various professional sectors such as business, education and healthcare.

TWU also integrates its Competency Model in the curriculum to ensure that learners experience transformational leadership values; higher order thinking and analysis; and other competencies.

“Leading and adapting through change. I was more of a behind the scenes leader at TWU when I was there and still lacked some confidence and courage even upon graduating, but I did take to heart the godly-Christian-leader goal of the university and the lessons learned through leadership courses. I am working for the federal government from home during this COVID-19 time. At the moment I am in a quiet time waiting for my next COVID-19 job to start. Many of us are being shifted around to new and different roles according to the priorities. All through this time I have been ready to go and ready to get in the fight. TWU, even 20 years later now, has helped me to be ready, be adaptable and to recognize that I can lead and be helpful from any position.” – Eric Matthew Anderson, Alumni.

Another postgraduate program that future-proofs your career is the TWU MBA.

For TWU alumnus Thomas Spraggs, this course was the education he needed to grow his law firm in British Columbia from a small firm of five into the highly respected, award-winning team of over 40 experienced lawyers, investigators and claims managers it is today.

Trinity Western University

Source: Trinity Western University

Thomas describes his TWU MBA as “the most valuable education” he has received to date. By teaching him how to run a practice profitably and based on ethics, he is personally fulfilled and has renewed appreciation “that business can be both ethical and financially rewarding”.

Records also show that TWU MBA graduates are now building the careers they want in prestigious organizations in Canada and beyond, including Amazon, BorgWarner, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, IBM, and so forth.

“The MBA program has always been preparing students to be innovative and forward-thinking leaders with entrepreneurial spirits. The professors have a wealth of professional experience and a profound desire to see each student get the most out of their degree and excel in the workforce. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, all MBA classes are temporarily moved to online, with no compromise on the access, quality and personalization. With synchronous online classes and technology-facilitated team discussions, we are able to provide a supportive learning environment, with valuable team-based high-quality management programs.”- Chen Liu, Associate Director MBA Program

Recession-proof qualifications

For undergraduates, TWU’s BA in Game Development gives one a head start in one of the world’s fastest-growing, agile industries: video gaming.

Massive and global, the video game industry is a major employer of well-paid, highly skilled professionals.

Trinity Western University

Source: Trinity Western University

The pandemic hasn’t affected this industry’s growth. According to the NPD Group, March 2020 was the most profitable March in over ten years for the US video game sector as tracked spending of video game hardware, software, accessories and game cards amounted to US$1.6 billion.

Trinity Western University also delivers Adult Degree Completion (ADC) programs.

These are perfect for learners who need to expand their pre-existing skills and level-up their industry knowledge to stay ahead in a competitive workforce. As their customized learning plans are flexible, students will be able to achieve their career goals while balancing other life commitments.

What is more, if you opt for one of TWU’s online programs, then the Canadian government allows you to start now and still be eligible to apply for its Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) after coming to Canada. The PGWP allows students who have graduated from eligible Canadian designated learning institutions (DLIs) to obtain an open work permit to gain valuable Canadian work experience.

“Even during COVID-19, Trinity Western University will continue to do what it has always done–provide the highest quality of education and student engagement in Canada to prepare University graduates for careers of significance.  Even though the world has changed, the bright future of our graduates and the impact they will make on the world remains the same,” said Phil Laird, Vice Provost.

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