Trends you can expect to see in international education in 2019
What do you think of these international education trends for 2019? Source: Vasily Koloda/Unsplash

With the International Day of Education (January 24) fast approaching, many are wondering what trends are in store for international education this year.

Taking a deeper look at what’s in store can help us master the nuances of this fast-faced global industry.

Here’s Study International‘s snapshot for 2019:

STEM subjects

Representing the four subject areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), students and academics all over the world are wise to the impact of STEM education.

Equality in STEM has been a long-lasting issue in the global education sector and since the Year of Engineering has come to a close, international students and educators may have concerns about progress within these subjects.

The great news is that the STEM trend will be following us into the new year, improving the lives of students everywhere, region by region.

As a multi-functional sector that serves us well in our voyage through the digital age, it’s a valid trend for every learner to take note of.

The influence of artificial intelligence (AI)

As Tech Wire Asia (TWA) explains, artificial intelligence (AI) is one to watch this year!

With AI-enabled course development and grading, the introduction of virtual counsellors, cognitive courseware and omni-choice learning pathways, the future of education is being taken over by technological trends.

TWA states that, “In the future, online courses would have advanced from omni-channel – where students get the option to get the lesson anytime, anywhere and from any medium of choice – to omni-choice – whereby students would have the options to customise and configure the education journey based on their individual needs and interest.”

The traditional lecture hall is shifting towards digital, a move that could revolutionise the entire global industry.

Niche courses

Did you know that you can get a Master’s degree in Library Science (MLS)?

As niche courses increase in popularity, students are searching for an increased sense of fulfilment during their study abroad experience.

A century ago, the internet would have been deemed an impossible idea. But look at us now; fresh degrees are popping up here, there and everywhere, and new roles are created everyday.

From social media specialists to library scientists, we are living in the age of possibilities. That makes this a trend we can all enjoy, freeing us up to create our future around our unique talents and academic abilities.

As the year develops, plenty more trends will emerge in the international education sector.

But STEM, AI and bespoke university courses are here to stay, and may even evolve into everlasting patterns…

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