5 stunning travel destinations for those on a student budget

student budget
Love to travel but lacking the funds? Here are some amazing destinations that you can afford on a student budget. Source: Shutterstock

Generation Z – typically defined as those aged seven to 22 – is travelling more than ever, surpassing even the Millenial generation, which is known to be extremely well-travelled.

According to the Contiki Youth Evolution research report by McCrindle on behalf of Contiki Australasia, “Despite financial constraints and complexities regarding an independent lifestyle, 76 percent of 18-21-year-olds want to travel more.

“Although more than two thirds (69 percent) of this age group has the desire for financial freedom, just beyond this is their desire to travel and see the world (64 percent). Around a third are also willing to go into debt for travel (36 percent of 18-21, and 39 percent of 22-36-year-olds).”

Katrina Barry, Contiki Australia’s managing director, told CMO by Adobe, “This generation is better travelled than ever before. As such, they crave authentic experiences in unique destinations. They want to feel as though they’re amongst the first of their peers to ‘discover’ experiences.”

We don’t recommend you go into debt for travelling, but if you’ve gotten bit by the travel bug and are on a student budget, you can still enjoy some amazing travel adventures.

By avoiding pricey travel destinations such as Paris and Tokyo, you can save a pretty penny and still reap all the benefits that travelling has to offer.

Feeling the post-holiday blues and looking forward to summer break already? Here are five destinations that you can travel to on a student budget.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

student budget

A view of Angkor Wat at sunset. Source: Shutterstock

Cambodia is a developing country in Southeast Asia that’s a bargain for travellers compared to more popular tourist destinations in the region such as Bali in Indonesia and Phuket in Thailand.

Siem Reap is a laidback town with affordable options for accommodation, transport, food and entertainment, where you can have a relaxing holiday on a student budget.

The main draw of Siem Reap is the ancient temple complex of Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world.

You can get around easily on a tuk-tuk in Siem Reap which is cheaper than a taxi, and at the popular Pub Street, you can get a beer and decent meal for under US$10 per person.

Budapest, Hungary

student budget

Aerial panoramic skyline view of Buda Castle Royal Palace with Szechenyi Chain Bridge, St Stephen’s Basilica, Hungarian Parliament and Matthias Church at sunrise. Source: Shutterstock

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the cheapest countries to travel to in Europe – a wise choice for international students in the UK on a budget.

There is a wide range of accommodation options you can easily find one that fits your student budget. There are also affordable options for food and entertainment.

Budapest has a thriving cultural scene so there are plenty of museums to visit and shows to catch during your holiday. Don’t miss out on the famous thermal baths and vibrant nightlife scene too!

Kathmandu, Nepal

student budget

Bhaktapur, a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal. Source: Shutterstock

One of the cheapest destinations in the world is Nepal, with plenty of hostels and affordable hotels for student budget travellers.

Food and beverage are also cheap, as well as transport to get around. There are numerous street food stalls in Kathmandu where the food is not only cheap, but delicious and flavourful.

Nepal is an amazing place for hiking and trekking, as well as soaking up the local culture and heritage by visiting temples and historical landmarks.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

student budget

Petronas Twin Towers in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Source: Shutterstock

One of the cheaper cities in Asia to visit with modern architecture, numerous shopping malls and diverse cuisine is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

An ideal getaway location on a budget for those studying in Australia or Asia, it is a cheaper alternative with similar vibes to Bangkok and Singapore.

You can enjoy cheap and tasty street food, visit heritage sites, shop your heart out and take Instagram-worthy photos at the iconic Petronas Twin Towers. There are several hostels and budget hotels at the heart of the city, making it a backpacker’s paradise.

Granada, Nicaragua

student budget

Cathedral of Granada, Nicaragua, Central America. Source: Shutterstock

Ideal for international students in the US, Nicaragua is one of the cheapest countries in Central America to visit.

The laidback and colourful vibes of the city is home to Spanish architecture and friendly locals, enveloping travellers in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

You can visit beautiful churches and local attractions at a low cost while enjoy affordable local cuisine. Accommodation and transport costs are also low.

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