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Torrens University Australia: Developing graduates that employers love

As a new year approaches, most of us are currently in the season of setting goals and strategising the many ways we can accomplish them. The holidays often feel like a natural time for self-reflection, and whether you are fresh out of high school or looking to begin a new career, you probably understand the feeling.

Accomplishing an educational or professional goal leaves us triumphant and feeling our best; however, in an increasingly competitive job market, it’s easy to get discouraged. Staying the course and following through on your aspirations will ultimately lead you to employers looking for career-ready graduates. Fortunately, Torrens University Australia is actively bridging the gap, and producing graduates who are more than ready for their careers and real-world challenges.

Over 90% of Torrens University graduates secure a job they love within just a year of finishing their course. It’s the University’s fresh, modern, career-focused and global perspective to higher education that facilitates these achievements. Their approach drives diverse and outstanding outcomes for their well-prepared graduates.

At Torrens University, successful industry placements are combined with ongoing work experience opportunities throughout courses, ensuring students graduate ready to launch successful careers they can be proud of. These placements are often carried out at some of Australia’s most prestigious and dynamic companies and organisations; a rare opportunity and an incredible incentive for those eager to join the workforce.

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“I especially felt fascinated by the Torrens University slogan ‘love what you do’ in that advertising panel. This is the reason why I first decided to get some more information online and, consequently, contacted my education agent”, shares Mattia Griggio. Originally from Italy, Griggio first fell in love with Australia when visiting the country. He then decided to advance his education by pursuing an MBA in Global Project Management at the University. In his downtime, he continues to explore Australia’s beautiful cities and landscapes.

An education at Torrens University does not just guarantee a rewarding degree, it also grants access to a massive international network that is sure to open doors, making it easy to understand why students flock to its campuses.

The University has achieved plenty despite being a newcomer among higher education institutions. Torrens University is Australia’s fastest-growing university with a credible industry-immersive difference. It’s now home to over 19,000 students from 118 different countries and has campuses that span from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and to Leura in the Blue Mountains. Their global network also includes the Media Design School in Auckland and a campus in Suzhou, China that offers hospitality courses.

Torrens University

Source: Torrens University

Look to one of these campuses to gain a comprehensive education in Business, Design and Creative Technology, Hospitality, Health, Education, English language, or postgraduate research programmes. Apart from a solid variety to choose from, these programmes are also offered online.

Live facilitated classes allow students to connect with lecturers and peers in real-time, enjoying the same course work as on-campus students and graduating with the same qualification upon completion. It’s fully flexible with 24/7 access on any device connected to the internet.

“I chose Torrens University Australia because it offers a completely flexible learning experience where you can study anywhere, any time”, shares MBA graduate Rob McGowan.

For McGowan it was flexibility; for Leena Raj, it was the University’s industry connections and the opportunities of exposure in various fields that caught her attention. When she arrived on-campus, there were even more offerings to keep her excited. “The most important things that fascinated me about Torrens University were the small sizes of the classrooms and extra coaching whenever necessary, from excellent facilitators”, the Master of Professional Accounting student shares.

Torrens University

Source: Torrens University

With over 3,600 industry contacts ready and waiting, award-winning colleges such as the Billy Blue College of Design and the Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, one-on-one success coaching, personalised teachings, flexible options and more, it’s clear there are multiple reasons to choose Torrens University.

These offerings develop career-ready graduates who are acknowledged as valuable assets across a broad range of sectors. The proof is in the numbers: whether you are looking to begin your academic journey with a bachelor’s degree or fast-track your career with a master’s degree, Torrens University’s welcoming community has everything you could need and more.

Click here to follow in the footsteps of a successful alumni, become a candidate that employer’s love, and most importantly, secure a career that you love.

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