Top international schools that pursue all-round excellence

At first, sending your child off to an international school can seem daunting, but it’s becoming an increasingly popular path as the demand for international education expands worldwide. Due to this global trend, many countries are investing in international schools and promoting the expat way of life. In Holland, for instance, the Dutch Government are spending millions on schooling for the children of expats. As the number of children going to international schools in Holland has risen by 47 percent in the past five years, this academic movement shows no sign of slowing down.

According to a report by Forbes, the growth in international schools is racing ahead as the market is expected to be worth US$89 billion by 2026. In addition, the report also states that “Asia has seen the largest increase and now accounts for more than half of all international schools and 60% of all students”.

Evidently, there is a clear demand for international education and keys reasons as to why there are so many applicants. One main factor is the flexibility of international schools. No matter where you are working in the world, you have the freedom to place your child in a school of your choice. Regardless of location, international schools stick to the global guidelines of education and provide learners with a high-quality curriculum.

Another core reason is the idea of foreign language immersion. As more than half the world’s population is now bilingual, it’s the ideal time for applicants to secure their place in an international school. If students need to brush up on their English language skills or hope to master Mandarin, for example, most international schools integrate language lessons into their educational framework to boost their students’ linguistic proficiency.

International pupils also get the chance to learn alongside students from a diverse range of backgrounds, boosting their cultural awareness as each individual has a unique opinion to share. Since diversity and inclusion are fundamental, students will begin to feel as though they are part of a global family.

Plus, the integration of digital learning tools is also a benefit of the international learning environment. According to a recent ISC article, “education technology is now a priority investment by almost all international schools to ensure they remain rigorous and cutting-edge within the competitive schools market.” By keeping flexible, up-to-date and inclusive, it’s clear to see why international schools are steadily on the rise.

Here are the top international schools that are pursuing all-round excellence…


As the oldest British international school in Thailand, Bangkok Patana has prime experience in producing extraordinary graduates. By providing Foundation Stage through to Senior Stage learning, this school supports pupils of all backgrounds and abilities.

It’s a school that exhibits global education excellence, earning it a place among the Thailand’s Top Ten International Schools. As a result of this hands-on learning approach, the school helps shape students’ cognitive development and encourages a healthy growth mindset.

What sets this international school apart from others is its incredible sports, dance, art and music facilities. Plus, with 25-metre and 50-metre swimming pools, a gigantic sports hall and a permanent gymnastics area, there’s no need for students to leave campus! The school even has its very own thriving science and arts centre.

Primarily, it’s the care and consideration that the school has for its students that parents so much admire. They often feel as though the campus grants children the chance to have an active and amazing childhood, as well as an enriched learning experience. As one Bangkok Patana parent explains, “I like the fact that Bangkok Patana is a non-profit school because the money we are paying is reflected in the opportunities given to our children, the exceptional facilities and the recruitment of the finest teachers.”


Established in 1997, this school has become the largest international school in Vietnam. By promoting a caring and multicultural environment, students from more than 50 different countries are currently studying here.

This school promotes a strong sense of belonging, treating every learner as a unique individual with great capabilities and prospects. One of the British International students who enjoyed their BIS experience was Steve. After moving from country to country, he struggled to find a stable learning environment, yet he finally settled into the British International School. As he states, “I can proudly and most definitively say that BIS has helped me identify and build my own self-identity.”

For the sake of students like Steve, personal development is a core part the British International School’s structure. To encourage a community feel, the school has extra-curricular clubs for every age and planned community service activities to promote social responsibility.

Recently, BIS was shortlisted for the second time in the British International School Awards category for international impact. By running a uniform upcycling project called ‘One More’, BIS caught the judge’s eyes and received recognition for its consistent community efforts.


Concordia incorporates a comprehensive American curriculum that attracts students from Preschool 3 to Grade 12. Much like the schools above, this institution has always focused on community and parent involvement. By cultivating student togetherness, Concordia believes that its students are set up for life.

Paired with community, there’s a predominant focus on creativity at this school. Concordia’s fine arts program takes students on a musical and theatrical journey. So, if they’re longing to be the next Mozart then there are five orchestras to join, or if they need a space to unleash their artistic talent, there’s a visual arts program for internal creative expression.

To keep students active and striving towards their goals, Concordia also conducts specialised travel expeditions. These exclusive trips to Beijing, Moganshan and Yangshuo equip learners with valuable communication skills and teach them the power of teamwork.

Each year, Concordia continuously tries to schedule a variety of events to keep the community together. For instance, the Intellectual Hub hosts bestselling authors and leading experts, producing thought-provoking presentations for students and the public to attend. There’s even the opportunity for students to obtain constructive information through one-on-one sessions with the speakers.


Situated In the beautiful country of Brunei, Jerudong International School embodies its motto by ‘achieving excellence’. The school follows the British National Curriculum and accepts Junior, Middle and Upper-level students.

For all year-round learning, the school accommodates boarding school students on its spacious campus grounds. Just a five-minute walk from class, Jerudong promotes a safe and vibrant environment in which students can live. With modern computer rooms that cater for the digital age, the campus is contemporary and equipped with full Wi-Fi coverage so students can keep in touch with family and friends.

One of the best features about Jerudong International School is its astounding location. For any student, these surroundings will feel like a paradise playground. There’s a strategically located Sports Complex for activities in all-weather conditions, plus impressive school grounds with fully-covered climbing frames and sandpits.

And for children who wish to continue their activities throughout the holidays, there’s even a traditional summer camp and performing arts camp to keep them entertained. These English-speaking schemes are designed to boost student’s self-confidence and help shape their character.

*Some of the institutions featured in this article are commercial partners of Study International

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