Accounting degree
A degree in this field can open the door to a wealth of career opportunities across a range of industries. Source: Parker Jarnigan/Unsplash

Are you keen on getting a finance or an accounting degree? A higher-level qualification in this field can open the door to a host of career opportunities in just about every part of the world. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that employment for business and financial operations occupations, as well as accountants and auditors, is projected to grow 10 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations.

Organisations require the skills of such professionals to run their businesses, with demand expected to grow, graduates can work in virtually any field or industry with this qualification, so students are poised for many exciting opportunities ahead. 

International students looking to study abroad may want to consider the UK; home to many renowned universities that offer world-class finance and accounting degrees. 

Here are the UK’s top five universities to study accounting and finance, according to the Complete University Guide 2020

1. University of Glasgow, Scotland

Becoming a student at the University of Glasgow means learning in a diverse community that attracts students and staff from over 140 countries.

The university offers several undergraduate accounting degrees and finance-related programmes for prospective students, including the BSc Accounting and Statistics and the BAcc Accountancy and Finance. Depending on your programme, you may not be a qualified accountant upon graduation, but the degree offers students exemption from some professional accountancy exams.

Programmes come with high entry requirements, which means only the crème de la crème will likely be admitted.

2. University of Strathclyde, Scotland 

Another Scottish university makes the list. This public university has been featured among the UK’s top university for accounting and finance several times, notes the Complete University Guide

Strathclyde offers a slew of accounting and finance-related programmes, but admission is highly competitive due to it’s tough entry requirements.

3. University of Warwick, England

This public research university is ranked 9th in the UK in The Guardian 2020 league table and 62nd in the world according to the QS World University Rankings 2020.

The accounting and finance programme is housed under Warwick Business School, which has a heavy work-integrated approach. 

Its website notes that the accounting degree and finance programme here is “a professionally-orientated qualification, providing the skills, knowledge and confidence to operate effectively in the fast-paced world of multinational companies and global financial markets”.

4. University of Leeds, England 

This Russell Group university was established in 1904, now offering several accounting and finance-related programmes. 

For example, the website notes that the BSc in Accounting and Finance will help students develop a deep understanding of the way financial information is used and managed within organisations and how it is reported, both internally and externally. 

Students will gain a mature understanding of the modern economy, the nature of business and the role that accountancy and finance plays within it.

5. London School of Economics, England

LSE is located in the capital of England – London – a major business and financial sector that’s also home to many iconic buildings.

Students interested in pursuing LSE’s BSc Accounting and Finance programme will want to note that while it focuses on accounting and finance, it also includes other core social science disciplines and is practically connected to the social sciences.

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