Thomas Jefferson University: Launching the business careers of dynamic problem-solvers and entrepreneurial thinkers
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Thomas Jefferson University: Launching the business careers of dynamic problem-solvers and entrepreneurial thinkers

Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Thomas Jefferson University’s School of Business has the perfect setting for a vibrant journey to leadership.

When picturing the “City of Brotherly Love,” more should come to mind than just the Declaration of Independence, the Liberty Bell, the Constitution Center, or athletic pride. Apart from being one of the most ethnically integrated cities in the world, Philadelphia is also a land of opportunity.

Pennsylvania is the bedrock of local employment and economic growth with a million small businesses that employ approximately 2.5 million people. Despite being based a stone’s throw away from metropolises like New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C., the state still boasted the title of the sixth-largest economy in the US in 2019.

In 2021, Philadelphia’s luster remains –– partially thanks to Jefferson’s School of Business, where thousands of students are gearing up for global success. The ACBSP -accredited business school’s emphasis on cutting-edge skills and knowledge makes it possible. Here, a vast array of programs that are both foundational and future-focused enable learners to succeed at every stage of their career.

Take the Innovation Master of Business Administration (iMBA), for instance. This postgraduate qualification is heralded by The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and Wired Magazine for its unique ability to cater to the needs of top firms. With faculty members that double as active industry experts, it’s little wonder why.

These educators bring invaluable, real-world experience into the classroom. With their guidance, exposure to global learning, strategic teamwork, effective collaboration, and relevant industry projects, recent college graduates and early career changers step out of Jefferson exceptionally well-prepared. Most have achieved entrepreneurial success or are calling the shots in the global marketplace.

Every aspiration is welcomed to follow in their footsteps. The iMBA offers a total of nine concentrations: Accounting (CPA Preparation), Health Analytics, Biopharmaceutical Commercialization, Cannabis Business, Fashion Business, Finance (CFA Preparation), Leadership, Marketing, and Real Estate Development.

Alternatively, those with more specific career goals are welcomed to customize a thematic course of their own. A custom nine-credit specialization can include graduate courses from the School of Business or any other colleges at Jefferson.

The Jefferson School of Business also offers an online iMBA, MS in Taxation, MS in Global Fashion Enterprise, BS in Accounting, BS in Fashion Merchandising and Management, BS in Finance, BS in International Business, BS in Management, and BS in Marketing.

Thomas Jefferson University School of Business

Source: Thomas Jefferson University School of Business

The MS in Global Fashion Enterprise is a top pick for budding creatives with a passion for fashion. The program was designed for professionals planning to break into the industry, focusing heavily on global fashion development to provide a better understanding of apparel ecosystems.

To ensure graduates are immediately able to add value to organizations, educators here offer a suite of experiential opportunities. Students enrolled in the program benefit from project-based lessons that link them to successful fashion and apparel companies. Experiences like these often translate to exciting, once-in-a-lifetime internships or a range of other employment opportunities.

Regardless of chosen routes, every Jefferson School of Business student enjoys a learning experience that emulates today’s professional environments. They deep dive into their respective major or concentration while broadening their horizons alongside students specializing in other disciplines. Together, they exercise their newfound creativity and analytical skills to innovate new, valuable, market-driven products and services.

“The professors and curriculum at Jefferson provided me with a solid foundation in accounting and finance, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and fostered my ability to work as a strong contributor on any given team,” shares Cindy Matje ’01, Senior VP at Citizens Commercial Bank. “These are core strengths that I’ve carried with me through my career and have served me well. The quiet campus, small class sizes, and high level of engagement with professors, perfectly suited my learning preference and made my overall experience at the university a positive one.”

Sebastien Durand ’20, an account executive at Nielsen Sports, agrees. “As a French student-athlete, I came to the US to pursue my college career. After spending my first two years of college in Illinois, I chose to transfer to Thomas Jefferson University as a junior student in Marketing,” he says. “During my time at Jefferson, I learned how to always innovate to solve complex issues. I have been challenged and supported by my professors to deliver my best work and constantly improve. Just like life, marketing is about adaptation, and Jefferson gave me the opportunity to prepare myself to adapt to everything.”

Of course, students are given the chance to go global with their ideas as well. A Jefferson education comes with unique advantages such as study abroad excursions, internships with regional businesses, and countless chances to collaborate with corporate powerhouses.

To offer the best of both worlds, the hustle and bustle of Jefferson’s rigorous programs are paired with picturesque surroundings that eliminate distractions. Both the iMBA and MS in Global Fashion Enterprise are offered at the beautiful East Falls Campus –– 104 acres of scenic, tree-lined grounds.

A 10-minute journey off-campus will lead them to the heart of Philadelphia –– where Jefferson’s Center City Campus is based and organizations are bursting at the seams with opportunities. Here, college-goers could opt to explore Market Street’s legendary bars and quaint boutiques, attend concerts, or feast at the many delicious restaurants.

It’s clear that for those who choose the Jefferson School of Business, experiences of a lifetime will always be just a few minutes’ walk away. Sold? Click here.

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