This university is bringing Gaokao students to Birmingham
Great news for Gaokao students! Source: Yu Wei/Unsplash

The Gaokao exam in China, otherwise known as the ‘National College Entrance Examination’, is a rite of passage for millions of students in their high school senior year.

Notoriously tough and time-consuming, Gaokao applicants view this exam as a gateway to their future. Unfortunately, without good Gaokao results, it’s tricky for them to elevate their skills and gain entry to high end universities.


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But it’s not all bad on the Gaokao front, since there has been some incredible news released for Gaokao students looking to study in the UK.

As the first elite UK Russell Group University to announce it will accept the Gaokao exam results for ‘high-flying’ Chinese students wishing to join undergraduate courses in 2019, the University of Birmingham is supporting the dreams and ambitions of many Chinese students.

As Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir David Eastwood, explains: “The University of Birmingham has been challenging and developing great minds for more than a century. We welcome people from around the globe to study at Birmingham and Chinese students form an integral part of our education and research community.”

Professor Jon Frampton, Director of the University of Birmingham’s China Institute, adds: “The University of Birmingham has a long history of educating students from China and one of our most famous graduates is Li Siguang – the founding father of Chinese geology.”

With a rich history of international education, Birmingham is the perfect place to ignite the Gaokao acceptance trend.

And as the results become increasingly recognised by universities in Australia, the US and mainland Europe, it’s only fair that the UK follows suit.

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