Gone are the days of waiting nervously for the mailman to find out whether you’ve been accepted to your university of choice.

Embracing the popularity of social media apps among youths, the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (UWGB) is now sharing the good news and giving it a personal touch by sending snaps to students who have been admitted to the university, starting with the Fall 2017 cohort.

Explaining why the university’s admissions team chose Snapchat as its platform of choice, UWGB social media specialist Jena Richter Landers told local news channel WBAY: “Students love Snapchat. The age group that we’re looking to really connect with, they’re on Snapchat all of the time.”

She added that snaps are only sent to students who have shared their Snapchat usernames with the university, reported Buzzfeed News.

This doesn’t mean that the university is doing away with sending the traditional acceptance packet, though: the university assures incoming freshmen that they will still receive it in the mail.

However, Katelyn Santy, who works in the university’s admissions office, said: “They would definitely get a snap before they’d get their mail packet.”


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The added advantage of notifying students via Snapchat is that the admissions team is able to see when a student has received the snap, and can even get an almost immediate response from ecstatic new students.

“They’ll screenshot the snap and they’ll respond with an excited selfie,” said Richter Landers.

The creative snaps are currently being overseen by admissions intern Katie Vlachina, who designs them and sends them out. 

In any case, it’s certainly much quicker than snail mail and saves you the agony of waiting for days.

Images via University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 

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