This supermarket chain is providing financial support to Oxford students studying German
Some learners in Oxford are benefiting from this supermarket chain. Source: Shutterstock

It’s always great news when giant companies choose to give back to the community, especially if its within the international education sector.

This time, German global discount supermarket chain Lidl has turned its attention to the financial burdens of students at the University of Oxford.

As reported by the team over at Oxford Thinking, “Supermarket chain Lidl has made a gift in support of students studying German at Oxford. Their donation will enable the creation of five annual graduate scholarships, as well as a fund to support undergraduate students embarking on their year abroad. Finally, Lidl’s generosity will also lead to the establishment of an annual undergraduate competition.”

Hopefully other supermarkets will follow the example of Lidl! Source: Giphy

As the university’s first Lidl Graduate Scholar, Clara Collier explains that, “I am very grateful to Lidl for giving me the opportunity to study at Oxford. Through their generosity, I hope to deepen my knowledge and enrich my contributions to the study of German literature and culture.”

Often referred to as a student-friendly supermarket thanks to its bargain prices and extensive selection of ready-made meals, Lidl has already earned recognition for being a generous donor at the Oxford’s Department of Modern Languages.

Along with helping students secure their academic aspirations without money worries, this scholarship will also raise awareness about the importance of learning modern languages.

By luring learners in with financial offerings and year abroad placements, it encourages language enthusiasts to pursue their passions without concerns for the longevity of their chosen subject.

Despite English being a common language, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian are still extremely popular, according to the latest rankings.

For further information about the Lidl German Language and Literature Graduate Scholarships and Student Funding, click here.

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