This new app helps you to learn English through ideas
Through the power of ideas, you can learn English with TED talks. Source: Shutterstock

When it comes to learning a new language, there’s no one size fits all approach to understanding.

For some students, it’s better to practice alone from the comfort of home. For others, it’s better to learn visually, through interactive activities and with a study group.

Called Learning English with TED talks, this new app has merged the innovative thinking of TED Talks with the academic expertise of National Geographic Learning to bring the power of ideas into classrooms worldwide.

TED welcomes all types of learner to its talks. Source: Giphy

As the site states, the app contains “Carefully-developed lessons that include real-world stories, video, and photographs from National Geographic and introduces learners to inspiring ideas that help learners to find their voice in English at each level of fluency.”

Who can use it?

Firstly, it may be used by both students and instructors.

Students reading this will have access to forty TED Talks specifically chosen for all four English fluency levels. Supported by practice activities and a user-friendly interface, you’ll start attaching meaning to new words and sentences.

Instructors gain access to incredible classroom resources. With the inclusion of a Classroom Presentation Tool and dynamic lesson plans, teachers will be able to integrate the talks into any curriculum.

What will it provide me with?

Here are a few intriguing aspects of the app:

  • Carefully-planned language lessons based on your capabilities (Basic, Advanced etc.)
  • Interactive activities for practicing vocabulary and speaking strategies
  • Tech-savvy transcripts to read while the TED Talk plays
  • Downloadable content for you to watch online and offline

If you encounter any problems while using the app, you’ll be able to contact a Nat Geo representative who’s on hand to assist. With both language and tech support on offer, it’s a win-win situation!

The magic of Nat Geo will never end! Source: Giphy

By helping you find your voice in English, the app will inspire students with an easy-to-use interface and inspirational talks from global change-makers.

How do I get access to the app?

To gain access to this app, Nat Geo asks that you first request a free demo. This will introduce you to four complete lessons, including TED Talks videos and interactive activities.

Then, if you want to continue your venture into visual language learning, a representative will contact you with further information on the download price.

Still interested? If so, you can get a free trial here and start learning English through the power of ideas!

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