This company is offering five female students a £25,000 bursary to get into tech
A great opportunity for female tech enthusiasts! Source: Mimi Thian/Unsplash

Levelling the playing field, female students are rapidly entering the study domains of IT, coding, engineering and science by enrolling in popular tech degrees.

But from recent reports, the gap between men and women working in tech remains wide.

“As schools struggle to retain and nurture interest in STEM subjects, education remains a major barrier on the path to gender parity. Despite the ongoing consumerisation of technology, there is still a perception that the STEM subjects are boring and more suited to boys. In order to counter such perceptions, the onus lies with the engineering industry to highlight the exciting side of these subjects,” Victoria Shepherd, Arqiva service excellence manager states.

To address this issue, British media and telecommunications company Sky has set up a Women in Technology Scholars programme.

Launched in 2017, this initiative was designed with the intent of encouraging more women to pursue a career in technology.

Jeremy Darroch, the Group Chief Executive of Sky, says: “This is all about giving young women with a passion for tech a real chance of reaching their full potential. There are too few women working in technology. This is a problem that needs resolving, and we’re fully committed to finding that resolution. Our Women in Technology Scholars scheme is a step in the right direction and I’m excited to see how it helps talented women develop their careers.”

The Sky Bursary criteria

To apply for this incredible opportunity, you must adhere to the following criteria:

  • You are aged 18 and over.
  • You have a passion for tech and ideas that focus on social impact, sustainability, and the media and entertainment industry.
  • You must fill out the online form to tell Sky about your background, areas of interest and how you would spend the bursary if you succeeded.
  • You must be ready for a phone interview and welcome the opportunity to meet key people at Sky.
  • You must note that the scholarship is a one-year programme starting in May 2019.

So, if you think you’ve ticked the boxes and you’re ready to get your idea off the ground and into the cyber sphere, click here and apply for the bursary.

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