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‘They’re ready for the world’: What employers say about Eastern Institute of Technology graduates

Studying and starting a career in a foreign country can seem like a monumental task for many international students. It can be a long journey for students to obtain their visa, overcome cultural barriers and gain valuable work experience.

Ask Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) graduates, however, and you’ll hear of a significantly smoother move from tertiary education to an international career. EIT graduates like Prasad Salgaonkar talk about the getting ahead in the New Zealand job market thanks to his Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology from EIT.

EIT helps students get career-ready even before they set foot on campus. It starts with offering postgraduate courses that complement their previous work experience and provide the niche skills in demand both domestically and globally. Prasad found EIT’s Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology gave him what he needed to supplement his CV not only from a technical perspective but equally in the all-important business-related skills in IT.

“It catered to all the key areas which are considered niche skills within NZ IT job market” he said. The modules that “definitely helped” were enterprise content management, enterprise resource planning and his research paper on cloud computing.

Eastern Institute of Technology

Source: Eastern Institute of Technology

EIT is one of New Zealand’s top institutes of technology. It is widely-known as the place to go to get the experience you need and the support to succeed.

One key feature that makes this possible is the Institute’s dedicated faculty, according to Prasad.

He found EIT lecturers to be “highly qualified in their areas of expertise and supportive throughout the programme”.

It takes hard work to make the foray into NZ’s IT scene, but Prasad said “the seeds of dedication and hard efforts sowed during the course of learning at EIT have given me the fruits of accomplishment”.

Eastern Institute of Technology: An impressive range of subject areas

EIT offers an extensive range of programmes of more than 150 postgraduate, degree, diploma and certificate level programmes.

At the postgraduate level, EIT is preparing students for the future workplace through its industry-focused programmes, such as the Master of Digital Business, Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Master of Applied Management and Master of Information Technology.

For Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Business student Johanna Scholz, her favourite module thus far is digital marketing.

“I was expecting to learn about digital marketing worldwide and by choosing the course digital marketing and the course international marketing, I had a good insight in the market worldwide,” said the 24-year-old student.

As for the module that she thinks will be most helpful for her future career, that would be e-commerce: “Nowadays everything is online and I can imagine working in marketing one day. So learning how online businesses grow and what numbers are important is really helpful!”

If your goals are to get to the forefront of business management, EIT’s Master of Applied Management offers similarly exciting modules.

This programme provides specialised business knowledge and skills while building on existing qualifications and experience. It utilises research projects, work-based case studies and interaction with industry practitioners in addition to on-campus workshops and blended learning.

Eastern Institute of Technology

Source: Eastern Institute of Technology

For the Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, students are challenged to critically assess, as well as gain advanced theoretical and technical skills in logistics and supply chain systems. Like all EIT postgraduate programmes, it’s designed to meet a range of student backgrounds, and to prepare graduates for different entry points and roles within the industry.

With elective courses in professional practice and work-integrated learning, students are well-prepared for roles with a variety of industries and agencies operating in the domestic and international business environment.

This comprehensive suite of knowledge, skills and experience in EIT students is what’s impressive to employers like Ira Munn.

“I’ve been really impressed at the level of talent, discipline and dedication that the students here at EIT have had as they step into industry,” said the CEO of Ierospace Industries International Limited.

“I’ve really been seeing all of the wonderful innovations and how those innovations have been developed during their tenure here at EIT. So that upon leaving into industry, they’re ready for the world.”

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