There’s a reason why Canada is a world top study abroad destination

There’s a reason why Canada is a world top study abroad destination

When it comes to popular study abroad destinations, Canada remains a favourite among many international students.

Last year, international student enrolment in the country hit an all-time high, with more than 572,000 non-native learners choosing to make a second home in this region.

Other popular study abroad countries such as the US and the UK are making it increasingly harder for foreign students to work in the country after graduation.

In the US, international students are only allowed to work on campus while studying, where jobs are limited and wages are lower than off campus work.

Canada is an attractive option because the government has made it easier for students to remain in the country, both during their studies and after graduation.

International students also consider Canada a welcoming and friendly environment. They find themselves ready and able to adapt to the diverse, vibrant cultures found in most Canadian cities.

Along with high academic standards, beautiful natural landscapes, unforgettable student experiences and more, it’s no wonder so many international students are drawn to studying in Canada.

Here are three things that make Canada a great study abroad choice for international students…

Attractive campus locations

Canada is a large country with stunning landscapes and thriving cities. Some international students choose to study in places where they can enjoy the great outdoors, while other prefer to study amid a bustling city.

The Great White North has both: towns with picturesque mountains as their backdrop, and well-developed cities with award-winning architectural buildings.

Canadians are active, outdoorsy people with a penchant for natural preservation. As a result, the country boasts a wealth of natural surroundings and parks students can explore during their time in the country – even in the cities.

Whether it’s summer, winter, autumn or spring, you’ll be able to exercise and rejuvenate in the fresh air after a long week of classes or exams.

Shutterstock: Parry Sound Ontario

Canadore College is the prime example, with three accessible campuses in North Bay and one in Parry Sound, Ontario, the largest of which is situated in 650-acres of forested land.  For those seeking a metropolitan experience, Canadore also offers two urban campuses in Toronto, Ontario, exclusively for International students!

The beautiful city of North Bay is located just 180 minutes north of Toronto, where the Aviation Campus, Commerce Court and the Education Centre are located, set in a breath-taking woodland escarpment that overlooks the city.

Here, students can find 12km of well-marked scenic trails for hiking, biking, snowshoeing and skiing. The new and beautiful campus is located in Parry Sound, Ontario, between Barrie and Sudbury.

Student experience

A big worry for many international students lies in the ease of adjusting to life overseas – the transition to a whole new country and culture is no easy feat.

Canada is full of friendly locals and many colleges hold a multi-cultural international student and faculty population, easing the transition.

Colleges like Canadore strive to help students transition to life in a new country, supporting memorable experiences for international students.

Safe and state-of-the-art campuses cater to everyone from all walks of life, so international students quickly adapt, enjoying student life and focusing on thriving in their academics. Educational technology tools are also frequently used to elevate teaching and learning.

Canadore’s Centre for Career Development offers programmes and services designed to support students after graduation, on top of providing lifetime support for Canadore alumni.

Services offered at the centre include job search support, interview preparation, employer networking, entrepreneurship support, volunteer and mentorship opportunities.

As a College that cares deeply for students and their success, Canadore’s learning environment is tailored to promote diversity and encourage students to be the best they can be.

The college is currently working on a living model called ‘The Village’, adopting a ground-breaking approach to educating the next generation of Canada’s health and wellness professionals.

This innovative educational community will blend teaching, learning and holistic living across generational divides while supporting leading and cutting-edge applied research, on top of providing well-being and care services.

International students in North Bay can also stay in the comfortable, safe apartment-style residences, with additional facilities such as fitness rooms, lounges and an on-site launderette.

World-class academics

Education in Canada is known globally for its quality and excellence – Canadore is no exception! Consistently breaking down classroom boundaries, students here thrive on real-world opportunities and experiential learning.

Programmes offered by the College lead to employment in many cases, either in traditional or emerging fields across several industries. Aviation, Healthcare and Digital Media are just some of the options to choose from.

As a modern, forward-thinking College, it strives to continually build and revitalise programmes to stay relevant and ahead of the curve, developing 21st century graduates who are prepared for the future working world.

The College has launched over 25 programmes in five years, and applied research has become an integral part of the academic structure.

All this and more make institutions like Canadore College in Canada an ideal choice for international students, offering a supportive community and unforgettable learning experience.

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