The world of finance and data needs women like you – so why wait?
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The world of finance and data needs women like you – so why wait?

The world and the realms of finance and data are evolving and so should the workforce that drives it. While strides have been made in recent years, the representation of women in these sectors remains uneven, most acutely felt in senior leadership roles. HEC Paris recognises that the future of finance and data needs the diverse perspectives, talent, and skills that women bring.

Why does the world need more women in finance and data? The answer lies in the unique skills and perspectives that women bring to the table. HEC Paris acknowledges the invaluable qualities of empathy, resilience and flexibility as well as the exceptional, analytical, listening, strategic management and leadership skills that women naturally possess. These qualities make companies more customer-centric and contribute to creating gender-balanced teams and have been proven to make companies more innovative, agile, and financially successful.

At HEC Paris, you gain the skills and support to achieve your career ambitions in male-dominated sectors. HEC Paris is the #1 European Business School according to the Financial Times in 2023. But what truly makes it the best springboard for the driving force that you are is its diversity. HEC Paris has diverse disciplines, programmes, geographic and social origins, talents, and genders. To enable our women students to achieve their career goals and aspirations, our programmes offer a wide range of exclusive networking events, company visits and careers fairs. We also firmly believe that role models play a crucial role in increasing gender parity in the finance and data science sectors. That is why we regularly invite successful and inspiring women leaders as guest speakers who share their insights and empowering stories.

Gender parity is a top priority at HEC Paris — as seen in how women are actively encouraged to join master’s programmes in fields where they are traditionally underrepresented, such as finance and data science.

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Laura Ng is currently working as an Investment Professional at a Private Equity house. Source: HEC Paris

One such student is Laura Ng, who, fuelled by her passion for finance and a determination to start her career in the field, embarked on a journey to find the perfect school and programme. Her criteria were clear: excellent curriculum, a robust graduate network and strong placement opportunities for front-office finance jobs in global financial hubs like London, Paris, and Frankfurt.

This led her to the Master in International Finance — ranked #1 worldwide (QS rankings 2024). It’s the perfect balance of theory and practice. Delivered by world-class researchers and influential practitioners, the programme transcends the classroom. You’ll go on study trips to London and join exclusive networking events. With many electives and two specialised tracks in Corporate Finance and Capital Markets, HEC Paris ensures your journey matches your ambition.

“The programme helped me carve out my ‘niche’ in the broad field of finance due to the targeted and customisable curriculum,” Ng says. “In my case, that meant choosing the ‘Corporate Finance’ track within the programme since I’ve always been more drawn to this particular area in finance. Thanks to this specialisation, I could take classes relevant to my career, such as LBO Modelling, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Private Equity.”

The Master in Accounting, Finance and Management offers a rigorous curriculum that covers accounting, corporate finance, and strategic management. It’s hands-on, letting you apply what you learn. There are exclusive insights from world-renowned academics and industry leaders from consulting firms, financial advisors, and the Big Four (PWC, EY, KPMG, and Deloitte).

Héloïse Foll-Clabaux is a graduate of the Master in Accounting, Finance and Management who is now an audit associate at PwC France and Maghreb. She believes the programme gave her all the tools to succeed in the world of corporate finance. “The programme was tailored to my needs and centre of interest,” she says. “You can make your own programme through electives or tracks. For example, you can work one day per week in a firm in a startup or as a consultant or follow a track to prepare for exams.”

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The Data Science programme showed Victoire de Termont that the learning curve never ends when it comes to data science and software engineering jobs. Source: HEC Paris

The Master of Science in Data Science for Business equips you to become highly skilled data managers who can transform information into actionable knowledge. Ranked #3 worldwide in the 2024 QS rankings, this intensive two-year programme is offered jointly by École Polytechnique and HEC Paris. It combines mathematics, modelling, statistics, IT, and visualisation.

Victoire de Termont credits the programme for helping her land job opportunities that let her business and technical skills shine. “This programme allowed me to get all the tools to have a true business impact in my company based on facts derived from the data rather than assumptions,” Termont says. “I would advise anyone interested in gaining strong data science skills to apply in day-to-day businesses to join the programme.”

Another programme offered is the Master in Economics and Finance. As you gain essential knowledge in economics and finance, you’ll sharpen your analytical and numerical skills. As it strikes the ideal balance of theory and action, the programme is effective. It has prepared many to thrive in industries like financial services, consulting, or the public sector.

With HEC Paris, there’s no need to wait to shape your future. A career support team is available to help you seize all opportunities that come your way. Over 25,000 internships and permanent positions are offered to HEC Paris students, with over 50% of HEC Paris graduates finding their jobs via the school’s career services.

HEC Paris Master’s are truly one-of-a kind programmes that catapult women to success. Don’t hesitate to apply and take the next step to embrace limitless opportunities. Your future begins now.

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