The ultimate lists of university freebies
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You hear a lot these days about how the world has never been so divided. We stick to our tribes and struggle to see the commonalities between ourselves and those on the other side.

Political arguments are tearing friendships apart, the battle between Apple people and Samsung people continues to rage, and still, no one can agree if it’s Laurel or Yanny.

But there is one thing that unites us all. One thing that rises above the division and animosity. One thing that cuts to the core of being human.

That one thing is our unadulterated love of FREE STUFF.

Everything’s better when it’s free! Source: Hostel Hunting

Sweet, sweet free stuff – something we could all need more of and just never seem to have enough!

Well, the good news is, as a student you’re entitled to a bigger slice of the free-stuff pie. There are offers galore during those few years of study – handy, considering this is the time you need them most.

While the opportunities may vary depending on where in the world you’re studying, there are a few universally accepted ways to bag yourself the good stuff.

Amazon Prime Student

This one’s a winner. As a worldly learner, you can get Amazon Prime Student for six months absolutely free.

This gets you all the Amazon perks of an annual subscription without having to part with a penny. This includes access to movies and TV shows on Prime; unlimited access to thousands of books and magazines; unlimited photo storage; exclusive deals on electronics and school supplies, and early access to Amazon’s lightning deals.


If you’re studying in the UK, you’ll already have free access to museums. Take advantage of it, they’re great.

But for those of you in other parts of the world, you will likely be able to get free admission with your student card.

In the US, many local museums offer free access to students at local universities. Scope out what you’ve got in your region and take the chance to learn more about the local culture and history.


Software companies can’t give away their products fast enough to students since your experience at college could form your user preferences for life. The odd free sample is a small price for them to pay to get you hooked.

Head for your university IT department to see what they have available. Most universities will have a number of seat licenses for students to use at absolutely no cost. This enables you to try out the software in a similar way as borrowing a book from the library.

It’s likely you’ll have your pick of some of the best – and most expensive – stuff on the market.


Any university with any sense will provide free condoms to students. Always better to be safe than sorry – so head to your student health centre to pick up these necessary freebies.

You might also be able to find them in your Students’ Union.

If you’re in the UK, this handy site can tell you where to find them, regardless of where in the country you are.

Just ask

Wherever you are in the world, whether metropolitan city or small country town, there will always be discounts and freebies going somewhere.

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The way to make sure you’re getting the best of them is simply to ask. Restaurants, shops, cinemas, you name it, they’re worth asking. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

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