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Source: Old Swindford Hospital

State schools are gradually gaining in popularity. There’s a reason behind this — state schools offer all the benefits of educational excellence without parents having to bear the burden of high tuition fees. In fact, it was found in a survey that over 80% of parents chose state boarding schools because of high academic quality and their potential to develop confident, happy and intelligent children — speaking highly of the value such institutions offer. 

State boarding schools only enhance such prospects. Outside of rigorous academics, boarding schools are typically known for creating all-rounded, sociable and, most importantly, happy young learners. More than that, they prepare students for life beyond school. In a study, 78% of boarding school students reported feeling more prepared for university life. This was a stark contrast to 36% of private day students and 23% of public students who claimed the same. 

The combination of a state boarding education, then, provides the best of both worlds in this regard — and in this, the UK offers some of the best options. If you are looking for an appropriate state boarding school for your child, consider these four institutions for a unique, focused and quality educational experience:

Old Swinford Hospital

Established in 1667, Old Swinford Hospital (OSH) brings forth over 350 years of experience to cultivate an education that marries tradition and values with innovation. On a beautiful and historic yet modern campus in the heart of the West Midlands, young girls and boys are preparing for the rigours of university and beyond. With a broad academic curriculum, over 45 co-curricular opportunities, national competitions and more, OSH is where every child can discover themselves intellectually and as fully-realised individuals.

state boarding school

At Old Swinford Hospital, learning doesn’t end with the afternoon school bell. Source: Old Swinford Hospital

Its boarding programme is “outstanding” as rated by Ofsted. OSH offers Tailored and Flexi-Boarding packages that are suited for every child’s needs. Choose to immerse your child in a complete boarding experience or have them picked up in the evenings after activities end — OSH gives every family the flexibility to choose their own way.

At OSH, learning doesn’t end with the afternoon school bell. An established routine is put into place, ensuring all boarders participate in after school activities, assisted prep time, fully-catered dining with fresh local produce, and have a space to call their own. Interspersed in between, though, are opportunities to discover one’s passions — from pre-breakfast gym to learning to cook in evening Chef’s Club.

At the same time, pupils come together to create a community built out of trust, tolerance, and the simple act of building relationships outside of classrooms – an invaluable skill. It’s a true home away from home — and one that improves every aspect of the individual for the better. Learn more about this happy, vibrant and very distinctive state boarding school here. Follow Old Swinford Hospital on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Gordon’s School

Gordon’s School is a non-selective state boarding school that’s been rated one of Britain’s outstanding schools by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector. Here, students can join either the Main School (Years seven to 11) or Sixth Form for an all-encompassing learning experience that focuses on developing independent and critical thinkers not only in academia, but in day-to-day life.

state boarding school

Gordon’s School mixes rigorous academics with excellent pastoral care. Source: Gordon’s School Facebook

Gordon’s School understands that a good education is not only about high academic results — it’s about preparing a child for the demands and challenges of the future. In this, it has designed a boarding programme that allows every child to learn discipline and schedule, but also an avenue to constantly develop and find their own interests, passions, and grow their character. There are plenty of opportunities for leadership and service, musical exploration, sporting activities, academic pursuits and more — at Gordon’s, nothing is off-limits. 

Boys and girls live in five separate houses, but that doesn’t take away from the community feel at Gordon’s School. As students learn to live with each other, they develop and form friendships that run deep — many of which turn into lifelong connections. It’s an invaluable starting point that enriches a child’s life for the better. 

Peter Symonds College

As one of the UK’s top boarding schools, Peter Symonds College is one of the best options to choose to send your child. There are a myriad of reasons for this, but perhaps the greatest of all is its friendly and supportive atmosphere that helps every child reach their fullest potential. 

state boarding school

Peter Symonds College is one of the UK’s top state boarding schools. Source: Peter Symonds College Facebook

At Peter Symonds, support is given to a child every step of the way. From helping students pick out the best subjects to take at GCSE or A-Levels to discovering their inner passions — every child is given the opportunity to grow and develop as individuals. 

As the largest state sixth form college in the UK which offers boarding, Peter Symonds is a popular choice for parents and pre-university students everywhere. Boarding life is specifically designed to teach students to be independent — from managing their own study time to doing their own laundry. All in all, Peter Symonds aims to act as a stepping stone between secondary school and university — ensuring every child is able to seamlessly transition to the next stage of their lives. 

Steyning Grammar School

Equipping young individuals to deal with any challenge or opportunity — that is what Steyning Grammar School (SGS) hopes to instil in its students. It places high expectations for all students through a creative and personalised curriculum designed to bring out the best in everyone. 

state boarding school

Students at Steyning Grammar School have the opportunity to discover their interests and passions within a safe and inclusive community. Source: Steyning Grammar School Facebook

More than that, SGS is committed to developing students who are keen to make a positive difference to their communities, no matter if it’s on a local, national or global level. Here, students ranging from ages 11 to 18 come together in creating a community that helps each other grow and learn as individuals. 

Every aspect of boarding life is designed to encourage the same. With full and weekly boarding opportunities, families of children at SGS are free to tailor their experience according to their own schedules and needs. All the while, they remain secure in the fact that their children are thriving in an environment that is safe, trusted and expansive.