The international study appeal of Austria
Why are so many international students attracted to Austria? Source: Daniel Plan/Unsplash

The architectural paradise of Austria is a home away from home for students from all parts of the world.

Famous for its historical castles, opera houses, skiing spots and hiking trails, this country has so much to offer globally-minded learners.


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Quality of life is very high

Did you know that Vienna in Austria scored first place in the Mercer Quality of Living 2019 Ranking for the 10th year in a row?

A leading provider of data on quality of living for employees sent to work abroad, the Mercer ranking is based on the standard of the natural environment, the socio-cultural environment, housing, recreation, school and education, and more.

By winning again this year, Austria promises to offer international students a rewarding study adventure.

Excel your German language skills 

As a German-speaking country, many Austrian universities expect you to take extra German language classes.

Part of your semester credits, these additional lessons will widen your language skills and introduce you to a new culture.

Future employers outside or inside Austria will be impressed with your hard work and commitment to learning another language and embracing new knowledge.


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Living and education costs may work out to be cheaper

Austria is known for its inexpensive education and cheaper rental prices.

The latest Economist Global Liveability Index shows that Vienna, Austria, has succeeded in displacing Melbourne, Australia, from the top spot!

Known as a melting pot of culture, Vienna and other Austrian cities provide a safe and secure space for international students to study and explore.

Scenic travel spots

Of course, a leading advantage to studying in Austria are its picturesque landscapes.

Journey to the noble House of Liechtenstein in Vienna, listen to classical music in the small town of Erl, see the world’s largest armory in the city of Graz and tour locations of The Sound of Music around Salzburg.

In Austria, there’s an array of entertaining, engaging and extraordinary places to discover!

No wonder this country is an international student paradise…

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