After more than a decade of relatively slow growth, business is once more on the upswing across the United States. While multinationals are still hiring, now more than ever is the ideal climate for entrepreneurs and small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to make their mark on the country’s economy.

Businesses across various regions of the U.S. are thriving thanks to capable workforces, low industry expenditure and pro-business regulatory environments. As the nation’s market looks set to shift throughout the next few years, students considering a career in business will be pleased to learn that the country offers outstanding industry opportunities.

Budding entrepreneurs will no longer have to suffer high fees and living costs in the U.S.’ more expensive cities, since increasing numbers of students are opting for universities set in the Four Corners region of the Southwestern United States, where business really is booming.


Take Utah, for example, the region recently named Forbes’ best business state for the second consecutive year, and the fifth time since 2010. Employment rates have swelled by an impressive 2.2 percent annually over the past five years, meaning that Utah has come to represent the third-best employment rate in the United States.

According to a survey conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association, venture capital firms invested US$801 million across 43 deals in Utah in 2014. At approximately US$18.6 million per deal, Utah’s average investment is the second-highest in the country, second only to Florida. Furthermore, Utah’s per capita investment is the third-highest in the United States, with California and Massachusetts ranked first and second, respectively.

“We have a very fertile environment for entrepreneurs and business,” said Governor Gary Herbert, and with global Tech-giants like eBay, Oracle, Microsoft and Twitter investing in a Utah-based workforce as a low-cost alternative to California’s hefty price tag, Utah’s business students are cashing in on the benefits.

Our university pick: Weber State University, Goddard School of Business & Economics

The John B. Goddard School of Business & Economics prepares students for successful and prosperous careers in the rapidly-evolving world of business. The school’s undergraduate and graduate programs are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. At Weber, class sizes are small, offering personalized teaching and individual attention for every business student. Applicants choose programs that cater to their individual needs and interests and build upon their unique strengths. At Weber, students form part of a busy and sociable community while enjoying life on campus at one of the top business schools in the U.S.


Colorado is another top U.S. study destination for business-savvy students. Ranked number five in Forbes’ list of the best states in the U.S. for business, with promising job growth of 2.1 percent in 2015, this region provides students with an unforgettable college and graduate experience. Here, international students find a culturally diverse global hub for liberal young minds looking to expand and develop new business ideas. Not only do international students benefit from a unique and exciting range of academic programs, they also have access to eclectic fine-dining and entertainment venues, affordable living conditions and even world-class ski resorts right on their doorstep.

Our university pick: Colorado State University, College of Business

Innovation, recreation and education make study at Colorado State a truly exclusive experience. Students form part of a warm and inclusive community, consisting of bright individuals from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines. Colorado students are taught to think big, ready to tackle a variety of business challenges and take advantage of opportunities they are presented with after graduation. Teachers nurture students’ curiosity and inspire passion within their particular field, producing graduates who are confident, outgoing and ready to share their knowledge with the world. The University’s business programs place emphasis on social responsibility and sustainability.


With the explosion of Hispanic-owned small businesses in Arizona, the prospects for small businesses in this region are certainly exciting. According to the most recent Credibly Business Index, Phoenix, Arizona, is the most business-friendly city in Southwestern USA, earning a total Index rating of 80 based on the prosperity of its 27,401 small businesses and its healthy annual revenue of almost US$100 million each year.

With transportation and utility companies leading business opportunities within the state, international students have access to excellent education options and outstanding employment opportunities after graduation. Business schools in Arizona offer internship positions in the manufacturing, transport and electronic equipment sectors, just to name a few.

Our university pick: Arizona State University, WP Carey School of Business

ASU students are savvy, business-smart learners, directing their goals and interests towards outlets that will benefit their future careers. Business students join a network of problem-solvers and outstanding global thinkers who are ready to contribute and develop tomorrow’s international aims and outlooks. From internship placements to degree programs and further study options, ASU students are challenged every step of the way, preparing them for life in today’s competitive business climate.

New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico, has cemented its position as a thriving business hub within the United States. According to figures from the Credibly Business Index, the city is home to 11,589 independent businesses, producing US$28,767,943 for the state’s annual revenue, outscoring every other city in Nevada and Western Texas.

New Mexico has emerged as an excellent study destination for business-minded geologists and energy sector entrepreneurs. With oil in the U.S. now in increasing demand, Earth Science students can pursue a range of exciting business openings within the state. There are also excellent Government employment opportunities, with the U.S. Government enlisting more than 25 percent of the population, providing ample opportunities for New Mexico’s business graduates.

Our university pick: New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology

Located some 75-miles south of Albuquerque, at New Mexico Tech students can pursue a variety of science and engineering-related degrees. Students on Socorro’s sunny campus benefit from a range of first-class facilities, all under the supervision of New Mexico Tech’s highly-skilled and experienced faculty. Students are encouraged and supported throughout their degree, producing knowledgeable graduates who are able to adapt and make a marked difference in today’s ever-changing business environment. At New Mexico Tech, researchers, faculty and students work alongside each other to solve real-world business issues.

Images via Weber State University and Wikimedia Commons