The Executive MBA: 4 institutions nurturing in-demand skills for the future of business

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MBAs enjoy enduring popularity. For the past couple of decades, this postgraduate programme has continuously attracted scores of international talent. Despite high competition and tuition rates, students across the globe remain on the lookout for a comprehensive business education. 

EMBAs — in full, Executive MBAs — add something extra. It provides a suite of specific business skills that an MBA cannot, usually at a more affordable price. For professionals with a good amount of experience in the workforce, an EMBA can significantly increase an individual’s chances of securing a promotion at the senior management level. 

According to the 2019 EMBAC Student Exit Survey conducted by the Executive MBA Council (EMBAC), Executive MBA graduates received a 13.5% increase in compensation after completing the programme. This compensation boost included both salary and bonuses. Two out of five students who completed the survey reported receiving a promotion in their organisations during the programme.

“As changes in technology continue to reshape society, businesses and individuals will look to higher education programmes to gain the skills needed to stay competitive in the age of digitalisation and globalisation,” shares Executive Director of EMBAC Michael Desiderio.

In 2021, an EMBA will be in demand more than ever. Skills gained in this programme put graduates at the forefront of the changes in store in a post-COVID world. 

Here are four institutions that offer EMBA programmes that will help you thrive in the “new normal” of business and management success:

University of Geneva

University of Geneva

Source: University of Geneva

The University of Geneva (UNIGE) Executive MBA provides aspiring mid-career professionals with a first-class general management education without interrupting their career. This AMBA-accredited EMBA combines classroom learning with interactive personal development, specifically designed to balance theory with practical application. The result? Leaders ready and able to implement efficient operational solutions, while simultaneously ensuring the strategic renewal of their organizations.

“The University of Geneva EMBA program is an exceptional learning experience,” says alumna Christine Boustany Arab. “It has broadened my mind, gave me the confidence needed to pursue higher professional goals and made me crave new challenges.”

Participant are typically experienced in their fields, coming from diverse industry backgrounds from both the private and public sectors. Although the application process is rigorous — including a formal interview with a member from the program alumni — and the curriculum demanding, the program is well worth it. Accomplished professors, as well as selected thought leaders and senior executives, make it a point to only use materials that come straight from businesses. Students are encouraged to collaborate with the in-company EMBA project.

There are hundreds of business schools in the world — so why choose University of Geneva? One word: Prestige. Established in 1992, UNIGE EMBA is the region’s most prestigious EMBA. The university also enjoys a strong international reputation, with strong ties to many national and international Geneva-based organizations, such as the World Health Organization, the International Telecommunications Union, the International Committee of the Red Cross, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research. This exciting study abroad destination will help professionals to make lifelong business connections and build on existing skills while acquiring new ones, so begin your journey towards becoming a successful and responsible leader, and click here.

Stockholm School of Economics

Stockholm School of Economics

Source: Stockholm School of Economics

The birthplace of well-established international companies such as IKEA, Volvo, H&M, Spotify, Skype and more, Sweden is filled with inspiration and innovation. For further inspiration and the know-how to develop a global business of your own, the Executive MBA programme from the Stockholm School of Economics fits the bill.

This EMBA programme was specifically designed for those with a passion for business development and learning. Teachings in sustainability are integrated throughout the programme alongside electives in innovation, entrepreneurship and financial management. These subjects are facilitated through modules, courses, live streams and skill-building seminars, all of which have contributed to graduates receiving an average salary increase of 52%.

The best part about this EMBA is that classes represent a wide range of backgrounds. In just 18 months, by studying part-time, learners receive the opportunity to build diverse and international networks with business specialists, creating connections that will benefit future endeavours. Participants typically represent industries such as manufacturing, automotive, forestry, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, IT, telecommunications, banking and more. Classrooms are usually occupied by 50 students, half of which are multinational. 

IE University

IE University

Source: IE University

Located in Madrid, Spain, IE University is known for its risk-taking and boundary-breaking entrepreneurial foundation. Its Online Executive MBA programme empowers professionals looking to accelerate their professional careers to new heights with advanced skills. Location is no hurdle — they can join this programme from anywhere in the world. 

Aspiring organisational leaders gain the tools they need to impact business and society alongside a lineup of world-class educators who double as industry experts, guest speakers, professors and peers. These connections ensure learners stay ahead of the rapidly changing industry and graduate well-versed with the art of agile leadership.

Faculty members guide students as they gain key insights into managerial challenges at a senior executive level and throughout the programme, business-oriented academics enable students to gain crucial hard skills. The Executive MBA is offered in both English and Spanish, or a combination of the two. What sets this programme apart? Its blended methodology. This combination provides an unconventional educational experience, allowing the use of online lectures, forums, activities and face-to-face modules in various locations around the world to keep learners engaged.

Imperial College Business School

Imperial College Business School

Source: Imperial College Business School

Internationally recognised and ranking third in Europe by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021, Imperial College Business School is one of the world’s leading provider postgraduate business education. 

Its part-time Executive MBA programme was designed specifically for those looking to lead in a technologically-driven world. Here, participants acquire knowledge of essential business disciplines and strategic leadership. These individuals are also granted multiple opportunities to specialise in their areas of expertise, utilising their existing experience to develop global perspectives in today’s world of business. 

In 23 months, though a unique blend of on-campus learning and online study tools, learners partake in pre-study modules, core modules and electives. This method works. Graduates are upskilled and inspired — without even needing to spend too much time away from their offices. Campus-based core modules were made to be seamlessly accessible through the school’s online e-learning platform, the Hub. Through this form of delivery, students will not have to wait before applying new knowledge and skills in the workplace.

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