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The Cambridge School of Weston: Inspiring greatness in all forms

Few eras are as filled with more stories of perseverance than the one that we live in now. Though it has challenged us all, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the creativity and kindness in us, shedding light on how we have adapted to make the most out of a bad situation. Amidst uncertainty and strife, society fought to return to normal — and nowhere is this more apparent than at The Cambridge School of Weston (CSW).

Established in 1886, CSW has a long history of bringing out the best in its students. It employs a progressive educational approach in its charming Massachusetts campus. It is a highly unique approach that focuses not only on academics, but also offers innumerable opportunities for self-development and for discovering one’s talents and passions.

Such offerings have made it all the more important for CSW to provide a safe and welcoming environment for its community of 300 students. The school has put a number of regulations in place, including requiring masks in highly populated areas and ensuring students stay up-to-date on their vaccinations. These regulations are carefully considered to protect the health of not only its day learners, but of its boarding community, as well — the latter of whom make up 30% of its entire student body.

The Cambridge School of Weston

CSW integrates the arts and athletics into an exciting and informative academic curriculum. Source: The Cambridge School of Weston

Despite this, it’s difficult to imagine CSW as anything less than vibrant; the school is always buzzing with activity, creating a transformational, motivating, and exciting space for students to learn about the world around them — and about themselves.

Take CSW’s emphasis on the arts. Here, creativity and a willingness to take risks make up part of the school’s core beliefs, creating a curriculum that places as much importance on the visual and performing arts as it does on academic subjects. Courses are designed to offer variety, spanning across the visual arts — with courses such as “Life Drawing” and “Printmaking,” — and a variety of offerings in the performing arts, like “Jazz Ensemble,” “Lighting Design,” and “Hip Hop Dance.”

It’s little wonder, then, that CSW students have gone on to achieve incredible feats. In participating at the recent Massachusetts High School Drama Festival, for example, students and recent alumni were recognised for excellence in videography, sound design, stage management, ensemble work, and acting performances. This stems across the global stage, as well: one of CSW’s juniors had their short film featured at the 2021 All American High School Film Festival, a prestigious event that recognises talented student filmmakers from around the world.

On campus, students have just as many chances to showcase their creativity. There’s the End-of-Mod Art Show, which features an entire term’s worth of student work in the visual arts; full-length dramatic or musical productions over fall and spring; rock/pop ensemble shows; dance concerts; and more. It’s no surprise that CSW has been ranked #2 among the best high schools in Massachusetts for the arts.

The Cambridge School of Weston

Students have many opportunities to showcase their creative sides, including the End-Of-Mod Art Show. Source: The Cambridge School of Weston

Of course, that’s not to distract from the school’s excellence in athletics. To ensure every student maintains a healthy lifestyle, athletics are integrated into the school curriculum, requiring them to complete three athletic credits before graduation. From basketball and cycling, to weight training and conditioning, and the martial arts, no effort is spared to give students the widest range of options to choose from.

This has culminated in a community of student athletes that have the determination and grit to participate in interscholastic competitions and tournaments. Just this year, the school’s girls varsity basketball team won the IGC D II Championship in a stunning defeat against another group of talented student athletes, and six CSW students were recently named Prep School All Stars by the Boston Herald for volleyball, soccer, and cross-country.

Outdoor and survival skills are encouraged as well through the school’s long-standing Wilderness Programme. Here, students get the chance to hike along New England’s gorgeous White Mountains, ski cross-country during winter months, and brave the Atlantic on a sea kayak — certainly making for a thrilling and challenging experience to last a lifetime.

Woven into CSW’s entire programme is a commitment to social justice that informs every aspect of the CSW experience. In fact, CSW was the first high school in the country to introduce a social justice graduation requirement, where students have to take classes that reflect the diverse viewpoints and complexities in a global environment.

Students have many opportunities to showcase their creative sides, including the End-Of-Mod Art Show. Source: The Cambridge School of Weston

At CSW, students are encouraged to reach their full potential. Source: The Cambridge School of Weston

This extends beyond the classroom, as well. Clubs, organisations, and community events are hosted to educate, inspire, and build awareness about important issues that concern our world.

Off-campus, students participate in eye-opening activities, including the Harvard Model Congress, where they discuss topics around national infrastructure, foreign affairs, education, labour, and senate finance. It’s a distinctive form of learning that ensures students have the empathy and awareness to thrive in a society that’s becoming more international by the day.

Given all of these incredible offerings, it’s only natural that graduates from CSW open themselves up to outstanding future prospects. Members of the Class of 2022 have been accepted to distinguished universities across the US and the world, including the University of Pennsylvania, George Washington University, Northwestern University, and Trinity College Dublin.

At CSW, students are guaranteed an education that not only instils strengths in academia, but in one’s own talents, integrity, and personal responsibility to the world. Interested in enrolling your child at The Cambridge School of Weston? Request admissions information here or visit their website for more information.

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