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The benefits of joining Manchester’s Foundation Year

A science or engineering Foundation Year course at The University of Manchester represents opportunity.

Opportunity to study at one of the most reputable universities in the UK; opportunity to graduate with a globally recognised degree.

But it also means much more …

An integrated experience

It means the full Manchester experience – at one of the world’s most renowned universities, in one of the most exciting cities.

The Foundation year is your first step towards an undergraduate course. And, provided you successfully pass the Foundation Year, you’ll be guaranteed entry to the degree you have chosen.

During the Foundation Year, you’ll be a fully integrated student, taught by the same lecturers and in the same buildings – on campus – as other students, including its unparalleled new 400 million pounds home of engineering and materials science.

What you study as part of your Foundation Year course will depend on the subject you’d like to study for your degree. It is your pathway to university study.

And not just any university.

Manchester is a Russell Group university with a proud, dynamic 200-year history – and you could be part of its exciting future.

University of Manchester, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Source: University of Manchester, Faculty of Science and Engineering

A perfect learning environment

There are many benefits to Foundation Year study at Manchester. Here are just a few:

Degree-focused subjects are designed to maximise your achievement. In short, you’ll finish your Foundation Year fully equipped and more than ready to start degree-level study.

You’ll learn from experts – true leaders in their fields, delivering a wide range of lecture courses underpinned by cutting-edge research – and have access to peer mentors to help you find your feet.

Peer-assisted study sessions can link you to like-minded students, and academic advisers will help you throughout your course.

The University’s facilities are second to none and, as a Foundation Year student, you’ll have access to many of them. They include the huge university library, as well as impressive study centre, the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons.

What’s more, all courses have employability at their core – the university, after all, is the most targeted university by the UK’s top graduate employers.

Foundation Year study at Manchester?

It’s all about opportunity.

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