The 5 best universities in Indonesia
Want to study in Indonesia? These universities are top of their game... Source: Shutterstock

In your quest to study abroad, you’ve flicked through heaps of US prospectuses, you’ve gandered at reams of UK campuses and checked out loads of great institutions down under.

But have you considered Indonesia?

This cultural paradise is climbing the global ranks of education. Source: Giphy

Described as a “beguiling nation of over 17,000 islands” that has “massive potential for adventures”, prospective students seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience should give this charming country a chance.

The world’s fourth-most populous community is rich with diversity and rife in natural wonder, encompassing everything from white sand coastline to sizzling volcanoes and emerald canopied forests.

And with Indonesia’s reputation for higher education gaining steady weight, why would you not choose a high-class education within this stunning region?

Here are the nation’s 5 top universities, according to QS World University Rankings 2019.

1. Universitas Indonesia (UI)


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This institution, ranked 57th in Asia, is open-minded, comprehensive and contemporary, offering elite learning options in Medical Science, Science and Technology, Social Science and Humanity.

Home to 41,170 students, UI harbours a consciously green 320-hectare campus, including eight beautiful lakes! Here, the institute maintains ecology conservation by using just 25 percent of the space for academic, research and student activities – the rest is dedicated to forestation.

UI’s commitment to academic invention has earned it respect around the globe, growing and strengthening an international network of powerful research players.

2. Bandang Instiute of Technology (ITB)

Located in Bandang, a mountainous region of West Java with an altitude of 770 metres, ITB offers the best of education and the natural world.

Established by the Indonesian government as a higher learning institute devoted to science, technology, fine arts and research, ITB students are considered highly specialised and highly employable.

Ranked 73rd in the QS Asia rankings, this school has etched its name on the regional stage and is firmly growing in prestige. ITB is an excellent choice for students seeking higher-level learning and stunning landscapes.

3. Gadjah Mada University (UGM)

Founded in December 1949, UGM is one of the oldest universities in the country, serving as a pillar of ‘educational awakening’ from its main Yogyakarta campus.

Students here revel in creativity and innovation, concepts that are empowered through devoted support and modern infrastructure. Over 251 courses are offered through the vocational school, graduate school and 18 disciplinary faculties.

As an intensive research university, UGM encourages students and faculty to conduct and publish their research. This effort is enhanced by 25 study centres focused on varied scientific fields.

4. Universitas Padjadjaran (UNPAD)

Offering courses in Economics and Business, Law, Medicine, Mathematics and Natural Science, Agriculture, Dentistry, Cultural and Communication Science, to name just a few, the Unpad education is comprehensive and diverse.

Nestled in Bandung, the cultural capital of West Java, students here learn and simultaneously experience authentic Indonesian life.

Teaching more than 31,000 students while offering a competitive cost for tuition, Unpad is an accessible and affordable way to expand your knowledge horizons.

5. Bogor Agricultural University (BAU)


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Built in September 1963, BAU is Indonesia’s visionary pioneer of agricultural education, offering strengths in Bioscience, Food Security and Bioenergy.

The school has grown significantly in the 53 years since its foundation, playing a fundamental role in the nation’s provision and development of higher education. BAU has always upheld the principle of granting wide access to high quality education.

BAU’s capabilities in the establishment of responsible, globally-focused competence produces graduates who play a crucial role in many areas of life.

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