As graduation season nears, another fresh batch of graduates will be filling the job market, looking for jobs.

To help them in their search, LinkedIn has for the first time released the top 10 most popular companies for recent graduates, as well as the most popular jobs they scored.

Unsurprisingly, consulting and financial services firms took the top three spots for hiring the most U.S. grads in 2016, starting from Deloitte at #1, followed by Earnst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers .

Tech giants such as Amazon and Oracle are also catching up, placing at fourth and fifth place respectively.

Most Popular Companies for Recent Graduates:

  1. Deloitte
  2. EY
  3. PwC
  4. Amazon
  5. Oracle
  6. Accenture
  7. Target
  8. JPMorgan Chase
  9. Insight Global
  10. Lockheed Martin

As for the most popular jobs, becoming an account manager is apparently something many graduates aspire to, as it topped the list.

However, the job doesn’t offer the highest median salary calculated by LinkedIn – instead, that title goes to the position of investment banking analyst, with a cool US$85,000.

Most Popular Entry-Level Jobs and Median Salaries for Recent Graduates:

  1. Account Manager – $50,000
  2. Software engineer – $80,000
  3. Business analyst – $59,000
  4. Customer service representative – $35,000
  5. Administrative assistant – $39,500
  6. Recruiter – $39,200
  7. Consultant – $73,000
  8. Investment Banking Analyst – $85,000
  9. Graphic Designer – $36,000
  10. Staff Accountant – $50,000

With recent college graduates showing interest in jobs such as account manager, customer service representative, and administrative assistant, the trend shows that millennials are keen on jobs that emphasize people skills.

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