How technology can increase collaboration in the classroom
Using tech in the classroom can expand collaborations beyond the four walls. Source:

Using mobile phones, social media and instant messaging in the classroom can promote inclusivity in the classroom as well as outside, as it encourages students to work together on a global scale.

Hashtags, group chats and event pages can act as online forums for students to ask questions and brainstorm ideas both in the classroom and at home.

This provides a platform for classmates to share knowledge with people beyond their immediate friendship group, who they would not usually interact with in a physical setting.

By digitizing education, students can find their own stride within education and reach out to their classmates for help where they need it, said ESchoolNews.

Online programs mean students can work through the content at their own pace; for example, one child may complete maths problems at lightning speed but spend longer concentrating on their music homework, while another student could have an aptitude for art but need extra help in chemistry.

And it is not just collaboration within the classroom tech facilitates.

Apps, such as Miao Academy, allows students to upload maths problems and solutions. Children from any country, background or competence can collaborate and learn from each other.

Physical and social barriers that usually prevent students from communicating and sharing ideas are broken down by tech.

As we race towards a more digitized future, social collaboration is speculated to be a highly sought after human skill, explains HRM Asia

Artificially intelligent machines are set to streamline production and data management tasks, while softer human skills including collaboration are thought to help us work alongside tech.

Implementing tech in the classroom can help to develop the skills that will be crucial to societal progress in the future, such as global collaboration.

Students can develop resilience and healthy curiosity through global communication with peers, which will prepare them for the world of tomorrow, according to HRM Asia.

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