EITGraduate Online makes it a priority to record and upload classes and lectures to its online portal. Source: Eastern Institute of Technology
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Learning shouldn’t and doesn’t stop the moment you’ve achieved your undergraduate degree. To stay relevant, professionals need to seek out opportunities for development in between the demands of their existing careers. By doing so, they overcome any personal skill gaps. They become well-versed and up-to-date with industry trends. They broaden their horizons, fast-track to leadership positions and command better salaries.

They become the kind of candidates today’s employers go for. A survey of 951 employers by recruiting firm HAYS found that 77% are more likely to shortlist a qualified candidate who upskills regularly.

Source: Eastern Institute of Technology

The good news is there are more postgraduate options on offer today creating new opportunities for career progression. A Postgraduate Certificate is a qualification designed for outstanding outcomes and serves as an accessible pathway to a Master’s Degree. The flexibility it offers makes it easier to take on, and well worth the investment. After all, these cutting-edge programmes are taught by seasoned industry professionals to create in-demand experts.

The best part? You will not need to change your schedule, relocate, or put your professional life on hold to reap these rewards with a Postgraduate Certificate. These were key benefits for Lester Rodrigues. Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Rodrigues graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in 2009 and has since made his mark in the banking industry as a Junior Officer. He currently oversees a team responsible for handling banking operations.

Having gained a sizeable amount of experience, he somehow knew his educational journey was far from over. Today, while maintaining his role, Rodrigues is also pursuing the Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management (PGCertApM) offered by New Zealand’s Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT).

Studying remotely while managing working hours can be challenging, but EIT makes it manageable, fun and rewarding. At first, Rodrigues feared that lectures would clash with his professional schedule, but EIT makes it a priority to record and upload classes and lectures to its online portal. He also commends the institution for making sessions interactive.

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Lester Rodrigues oversees a team responsible for handling banking operations whilst pursuing the Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management. Source: Eastern Institute of Technology

“The EIT Online dashboard features all the requirements of the course,” he explains. “I can log in and explore the topics with useful links to the data which helps us understand the subject. There is also access to the Library and the My EIT Online page has the timetable for students to refer to their courses. There are very useful links pertaining to APA referencing.”

Senior Lecturer Dr Surej P. John assures that at the postgraduate level, there isn’t much difference between classroom learning and online learning. “Our lecturers are taking the role of a facilitator rather than traditional instructors,” he says.

“In our postgraduate programmes, lecturers assist students in their learning process by providing required resources, technical support and mentoring. Personally, I prefer online learning as it helps students to learn at their pace anywhere, anytime. Added flexibility and enhanced peer and instructor engagement are other benefits of online learning.”

Accessible programmes for every aspiration

From structure to content, EIT’s suite of Postgraduate Certificates in Business and Information Technology are designed to empower students to embrace future technological trends. They can be completed in six months full-time or on a part-time basis over a longer period, depending on your previous study and experience, and specific course preferences.

The PGCertApM enables students from all walks of life to gain the skill set necessary to develop and/or manage a business. Upon completion, they leave with a globally-recognised, professional qualification that opens doors to a wide range of sectors and industries, as well as further study.

The Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Business focuses on management perspectives on contemporary and emerging technologies. Upon completion, graduates will be able to harness digital tools to manage technology for business and effect digital transformation for organisations.

Another popular choice is the Postgraduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. It provides advanced theoretical and technical knowledge in the field, preparing students for a diverse set of roles, including Inventory Specialist, Materials Planner, Materials Analyst, Transportation Coordinator, Traffic Analyst, Production Coordinator, Scheduler, Operations Planner/Analyst and so forth.

Eastern Institute of Technology

Source: Eastern Institute of Technology

Those with a background in computing can enhance their employability with the Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology. As the programme guides students to think critically and harness a number of highly applicable skills, graduates are set to fill the industry’s skill shortages in New Zealand and across the globe.

“In the current and post-COVID world, the top IT trends include the expansion of the cloud, more sophisticated security techniques, and the greater impact of artificial intelligence on various areas of work and life,” explains Programme Coordinator Dr Emre Erturk. Particular technologies — such as blockchain, VR/AR and e-governments — are part of these trends and support them further. “Therefore, there is also a constant need for IT professionals who can help operate these systems on a daily basis. EIT’s Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology focuses on the essentials that New Zealand IT professionals require: a great combination of understanding IT management and business needs; awareness; and proficient use of hardware and software.”

“The staff and teachers at EIT are doing their best to make us feel comfortable and make the most of this opportunity,” enthuses Amit Shankar Verma, a Postgraduate Certificate in Logistics and Supply Chain Management student from India. “My personal experience has been really great. I fared well in the initial two subjects, and have lots of new friends across the globe.”

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