Teachers - here are some podcasts worth listening to
Podcasts can be a great source of ideas and inspiration for school teachers. Source: Shutterstock

Things have been changing in the education sphere: the use of online learning, flipping the classroom, EdTech…all of which mean there is so much more resting on the shoulders 21st century teachers.

Coupled with a heavy workload, it can mean that professional and personal development can take a backseat when life gets a little too hectic.

If you’re not already using them, podcasts can be a saviour when you’re trying to catch up on education-related news; be it teaching methods, research on how students can learn better and personal development-related content.

Podcasts are also a great source of ideas and inspiration. So whether you’re cooking, driving or just lazing around in your living room, podcasts let you multitask and learn at the same time. Here are some podcasts to help you stay sharp and up-to-speed when you have limited reading time.


These podcast feature some English teaching tips. Source: Shutterstock

Teaching students grammar or the subtle nuances of the English language in an interesting manner can be challenging. But podcasts like The Word Nerds, which features topics for those who enjoy learning everything about the English language, or The Boosting ESL Achievement podcast, which provides teaching tips and the whole shebang for educators, makes them worth a listen.


STEM-related subjects can be tricky to teach, but these podcasts might just give you some new ideas. Source: Shutterstock

There’s a lot of talk about getting K12 students interested in STEM, and The K12 Engineering Education Podcast is a goldmine for teaching knowledge and ideas. With four seasons worth of content, you’re bound to find something that suits you. Some of the topics include Teaching High School Engineering Better, Math Anxiety and Artificial Intelligence for Kids.

Professional and personal development

Personal and professional development won’t have to take a back seat with these podcasts. Source: Shutterstock

TED Radio Hour

TED Radio Hour is a hive of information. Apart from making videos featuring speakers with ideas that enthral, TED also produces interesting podcasts that can be useful for teachers. Their podcasts feature pertinent topics you can utilise both in and outside of the classroom, such as Teaching Kids To Control Their Anger or The Dog Isn’t Sleeping: How To Talk With Children About Death.

Truth for Teachers

Are you looking for a podcast that provides practical tips for teachers relating to K12 education? Then you’ll want to listen to Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers podcasts, which features weekly motivation for educators. According to its website, Truth for Teachers is consistently ranked in the top ten K12 podcasts on iTunes.

Watson, who is a National Board Certified Teacher with a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, has 11 years of classroom experience and over a decade’s practice as an instructional coach, so you’ll be listening to someone with ample knowledge of the field.

So whether you need some tips on creating a wardrobe that’s right for you, or wondering how you can leave work at work, to navigating teacher anxiety, you’re bound to find some practical, applicable tips here.

Cult of Pedagogy

This podcast features just about everything related to education – from teaching strategies, to classroom management, education reform to educational technology. It features interviews with educators, students, administrators and parents, so you’re bound to gain a holistic overview and opinions on all things related to education. Some of their topics include unstructured play in schools, addressing educational equity, and how to get students to engage in conversations with others.

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