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TASIS The American School in England: The advantage of personalized learning through an American and international education

When Regan first visited TASIS The American School in England, she knew it was right for her. After growing up outside of Houston, Texas, she looked forward to joining the school near London and the new experiences it offered. “The classes were small, the campus was beautiful, and they offered two excellent programs – the IB and AP – for me to choose my path and personalize my learning.”

Of course, the School’s reputation spoke volumes as well, but Regan would soon discover TASIS England’s greatest asset: its friendly and supportive people.

“It’s a small school so if people didn’t recognize you, they went out of their way to introduce themselves to you,” she shares. “If you have any challenges at TASIS, there is always someone you can turn to, that you feel comfortable with. TASIS has counselors, dorm parents, teachers, and boarding staff who are always ready to help.”

TASIS England

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Since arriving in the eighth grade, this 10th grader has joined the lacrosse team, performed in theatre productions, and even visited Switzerland on a school ski trip. Whenever Regan faces difficulties, she has her new friends by her side. When she needs expert guidance, doors are always open. This support has given her the confidence to pinpoint her passion and craft the path that will ensure her success.

Individualized learning is provided through TASIS England’s dual curriculum approach. Here, students benefit from an American education in the UK, with multiple academic pathways open to them: the American high school diploma, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme. It is also accredited by the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, as well as the International Baccalaureate.

TASIS England is renowned for allowing able and motivated students to take more advanced courses and teachers support academic progress by developing a bespoke schedule that fits each student’s needs. The result?

In both the AP and the IB, year on year the pass rate and average scores achieved by students are well above the world average. This culminates in excellent university placements in the UK, the US, and worldwide.

TASIS England

At TASIS England, university and college counseling begins as early as Grade 9. Source: TASIS England

The Advanced Placement program enables students to take college-level courses early. TASIS England students commonly score well above the global average and can potentially enter North American universities having already received credit for these first-year courses. UK universities consider these one-year courses to be the equivalent of A Levels. The origins of the AP program are in the US but its reputation for excellence is global.

With the widely-recognized International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, students take a total of six IB courses over a two-year period. Students select courses from each of the following groups: language, a second language, individuals and societies, experimental sciences, mathematics and computer science, and the arts. They must also meet the requirements for Theory of Knowledge, the Extended Essay, and Creativity, Action, and Service.

The strength of both of these programs is recognized in over 70 countries and TASIS England graduates attend excellent universities throughout the world.

Such flexibility and opportunity were precisely what Mrs. Banks was looking for. Five years ago, this American mother and her British husband moved their daughter from a British school to TASIS England.

TASIS England

TASIS England offers both international and American college preparatory programs that enable graduates to attend universities around the globe. Source: TASIS England

“Given her dual nationality and our backgrounds, we felt like TASIS would give her more flexibility and opportunity to study in the US or UK,” Mrs. Banks says. “While she’s ultimately going to follow the IB curriculum in Grade 11, she will be in an AP History class next year. She gets the best of both worlds.”

A four-year, developmental university and college counseling program helps TASIS England pupils find the best university and course for their further education. From as early as Grade 9, counselors help students identify their personal, academic, artistic, leadership, and athletic qualities and then provide guidance as they consider their options — both academic and professional. By Grade 12, each student’s counselor will serve as a liaison between them and the universities of their dreams.

Regan’s final advice? “Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and make connections,” she recommends. “TASIS is a wonderful place for you to grow — to find what inspires you and what you are passionate about.”

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