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Hoping to sharpen his English language skills and push his career forward in the global hospitality sector, Cassiano Garcia swapped his life in Brazil for new opportunities in Sydney, Australia.

But when he arrived, Cassiano had to build his experience in order to establish a career.

“I couldn’t speak any English, and it was very hard for me to get a job. I then started working in the kitchen as a kitchen hand.”

After working behind-the-scenes, Cassiano fell in love with the buzz of a busy kitchen and the art of cooking.

So he stopped washing dishes and began creating dishes for customers.

But despite his culinary passion and his time spent behind the kitchen hobs, Cassiano still lacked the technical skills to take his career further.

“That is when I started studying the Diploma of Hospitality at TAFE NSW, so I could get some skills to eventually become a Head Chef,” he said.

Technical skills that tie into the future of work

According to the Jobs of tomorrow: Mapping opportunity in the new economy 2020 report by the World Economic Forum (WEF), “digital” and “human” skills will be driving growth in the professions of tomorrow.

These emerging professions reflect the adoption of new technologies and continuing importance of human interaction in the new economy.

The report also adds that there will be “a shift to a skill-based hiring system focused on lifelong learning and flexible accreditation for navigating transitions in the labour market.”

Therefore, the skills Cassiano needed had to be industry-relevant, flexible and prepare him for his future employment.

That’s why he chose a nationally-accredited Diploma of Hospitality from a leading training and education provider that would give him the relevant industry skills and knowledge to grow his career amid the uncertain future of work.

“I chose TAFE NSW because I needed a course that would give me knowledge and real practice at the same time,” he said.

And practical experience is exactly what Cassiano received:

“My time at TAFE NSW was amazing. I learned by having fun and became a chef by working in a real kitchen at TAFE NSW, which gave me so much confidence to join the workforce.”


Source: TAFE NSW

Through their diploma program, international students like Cassiano also have the opportunity to pursue alternative educational experiences at TAFE NSW, such as the Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Graduate Certificate, Degree courses and University Transfer Pathway (UTP) programs.

They are taught by industry experts in a dynamic, progressive learning environment complete with industry standard facilities.

A global platform where you can switch careers

With an extensive selection of interdisciplinary degrees, diplomas and certificates, TAFE NSW is where you can switch career paths and seek new professional opportunities too.

For instance, you could kickstart a tech career with a Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security) or Bachelor of Information Technology (Data Infrastructure Engineering).

Or you could gain comprehensive knowledge of business and develop interpersonal, teamwork and leadership skills with a Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Applied Commerce.

Whichever you choose, you can count on TAFE NSW to support you throughout your studies.

Knowing this, and satisfied with his earlier experience with TAFE NSW, Cassiano returned to TAFE NSW to gain a qualification to jump to another competitive sector: Finance.


Source: TAFE NSW

“I was always good with people and maths so I decided to become a financial planner. I went back to TAFE NSW and completed a Diploma in Financial Planning which got me a job in banking with Westpac,” he said.

“Within three years, I went from being a teller to being a bank manager at a branch.”

He knew that he could trust TAFE NSW with arming him with the transferable skills he needed for a career in insurance broking, financial planning and funds management.

And he knew that his second diploma, like his first, would be of high quality and relevant to industry.

“The reason I chose TAFE NSW is because the experience that you get there is priceless and it remains with you for a lifetime.”

Cassiano has since graduated and is now working as a Westpac Business Development Manager in Sydney, but he still has a great relationship with teachers, staff and students at TAFE NSW.

“That place became my second home,” he said.

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