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Syracuse University: New STEM MBA, countless opportunities

Today’s business environment is moving at breakneck speed to incorporate the latest technology and cutting-edge innovation. Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Managementranked #57 (US News and World Report) knows this well.

That is why Alexander McKelvie, Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Master’s Education and Professor of Entrepreneurship, is excited about their new STEM-designated MBA for students who successfully complete concentrations in business analytics, finance, marketing and supply chain management.

“The STEM-designation for our MBA programme reflects the commitment of our faculty to prepare students for a fast-changing business environment that includes cutting-edge technology, data analytics as well as creativity and forward-looking innovation. These areas are fundamental to modern business and therefore central to our MBA education,” explains McKelvie. “Our required curriculum and broad set of elective courses emphasise these skills and abilities already.”

“We have made significant investments into our MBA program over the past few years. These investments are paying off, as evidenced by these new generationally high rankings.”

With 36 core course credits and 18 elective credits that can be completed within two years, Syracuse University’s MBA appeals to the discerning student with a busy schedule yet wants a well-integrated learning experience that includes industry relevance. This way, they can advance in their career more readily.

For example, students can choose up to two of seven concentrations available: Accounting, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises, Finance, Marketing Management, Real Estate and Supply Chain Management. Add in electives – from Whitman or another school/college within Syracuse University– and you can see why MBA students here can take their careers to even greater heights.

A STEM designation on their MBA allows international students to stretch their OPT (Optional Practical Training) in the US to 36 months from the original 12. Consequently, they become more marketable since they can collect valuable work experience directly related to their studies.

The Whitman School of Management’s MS programmes in business analytics, finance, marketing and supply chain management already hold STEM-designation, a testament to the B-school’s experience in preparing students for careers in business that reflect STEM-based skills and industries.

Syracuse University

The incredible support for international students in addition to having STEM designation make the MBA programmes a worthy investment. Source: Syracuse University

“We are delighted to be able to support our international students and their dream of launching their careers here,” says McKelvie. “Receiving this designation brings our current students closer to these dreams and will help to signal to prospective students that we will support them throughout their careers.”

Indeed, one of the ways Whitman School of Management prepares MBA students for the working world is by providing experiential learning possibilities. Internships, course-based learning, global projects and experiences, cases and business plan competitions, and community engagement – all these opportunities give MBA students crucial exposure to American business practices while navigating complex real-world business problems.

With their focus on moulding students into individuals effectively capable of dealing with diverse global changes, it comes as no surprise that the Whitman School of Management is now embarking on the innovative Whitman Industry Readiness & Excellence (WIRE) Initiative. WIRE students are encouraged to pursue professional certifications from industry-recognised organisations, which in turn train them to be experts in their chosen domain.

“Our development of this programme aids to further reinforce our emphasis on the skills needed to be successful in the job market. In turn, this should lead to higher job placement and improved career advancement for our students,” says McKelvie.

When students undertake the WIRE programme, they gain two immediate benefits: knowing what is needed to take the certification exam, and more importantly, having financial support to complete this qualification which can cost up to several hundreds of dollars. Any Whitman graduate or residential student – good academic standing can apply for this funding.

“We are making it easier, more convenient and more accessible for students to complete these well-known certifications. Research shows that possessing these certifications helps with getting a job and getting promoted,” notes McKelvie.

While WIRE applications are considered on merit and inclusivity, applicants should detail how this initiative will enable them to obtain critical placement and advancement opportunities.

Syracuse University

The Whitman School of Management is part of Syracuse University, offering countless opportunities for excellent networking. Source: Syracuse University

Finally, being part of the large, multicultural campus, Syracuse University allows residential MBA students to meet online peers in executive seminar-style courses in major cities like New York. Yet the small class sizes and easy access to professors on top of Syracuse’s dedicated career services team give them fantastic chances to open doors for mentoring, coaching and working with notable alumni and employers such as Discover and Tesla.

All in all, the combination of the MBA and WIRE programmes makes an exciting catalyst for Whitman students to transform into career-ready business executives. Apply today.

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