Swansea University: A fully immersive UK university experience at Swansea University
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Swansea University: A fully immersive UK university experience at Swansea University

“Your studies should be your priority” is a line many Indian students have heard, especially those who go abroad in pursuit of education. Rewa Gupta took this advice in stride during her three years at Swansea University — a decision that not only made her a career-ready graduate but also a bigger, better person along the way. 

Gupta’s CV from the university looks something like this: volunteer, project coordinator, and trustee of Discovery Student Volunteering Services. On top of that, President of the Psychology Society, student ambassador, school representative, and full-time BSc in Psychology student. 

Rewa Gupta, an India-born and Dubai-raised Swansea University graduate of BSc in Psychology. Source: Swansea University

“Initially, my parents were a little reluctant about me working as they always told me to prioritise my studies and perform well academically,” says Gupta. “They were always supportive of whatever I wanted to do as long as it did not affect my studies and did not end up making me feel overwhelmed. With their support and encouragement, I decided to push myself further and took up volunteering and leadership roles.” 

Participating in extracurricular activities helped Gupta improve her time management, communication, leadership, teamwork, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills. Beyond these, the most significant benefit came in the form of refined cultural awareness. She often  collaborated with students and staff from various backgrounds, endeavours that equipped her with invaluable transferable skills such as adaptability, networking, and conflict resolution.

Gupta’s experiences are diverse and many, yet they only scratch the surface of the full experience of studying at Swansea University.

For Indian students worrying about fitting in, the university is home to over 150 societies and more than 50 sports clubs, each ready to welcome you with open arms. Whether it’s to boost your employability and grades, make new friends or meet like-minded people from over 130 countries, there’s something for everyone. 

Curious applicants can connect with current students via Unibuddy, an online community where student ambassadors answer questions about living and learning at Swansea. The platform is a great way to meet peers from your programme or potential housemates. It has student blogs that show real-life insights and experiences across various useful topics.

And it is impossible to talk of Swansea University without mentioning its campuses. The university has two, spanning at two ends of Swansea’s waterfront. Singleton Park Campus is surrounded by parkland and botanical gardens overlooking Swansea Bay beach. Bay Campus is on the beach, an unconditional point to write home about. Both campuses are safe and secure. Recently, Swansea University was ranked sixth Safest Student City in the UK and is the overall Safest Student City in Wales by the Complete University Guide 2023.

International students in their first year of study – regardless of an undergraduate or postgraduate study – are guaranteed on-campus accommodation as long as they apply before the deadline. 

Gupta herself has benefited from every little aspect that Swansea University offers. With help from the School of Psychology, she brought back the previously defunct Psychology Society and ended the year with more than 150 society members. As a Student Ambassador, she has connected with multiple people during the school terms and on Open Days. 

Of course, Gupta, too, has called home to friends in Dubai to talk about life on campus and in Swansea, including the beach. “The place is a perfect mix of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops as well as beaches, parks, and waterfalls. I believe the extremely warm and welcoming environment created by the university makes the transition from leaving home to coming to university a whole lot easier,” she says. “The university goes beyond just teaching and offers guidance and support to students on matters related to housing, finance, and ensures great care towards their mental health and well-being. All of these factors along with the high ranking of the courses and the university itself make it a great destination for international students.”

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