Why pursuing a PhD in New Zealand is so attractive

phd in new zealand
If you're considering getting your doctorate abroad, why not get your PhD in New Zealand? Source: Philippe Lopez/AFP

Have you considered studying for your PhD in New Zealand? Many countries like the US, the UK, Australia, and China offer world-class doctoral research opportunities, but New Zealand offers some perks and benefits that put it ahead of the competition. Let’s explore:

The allure of pursuing a PhD in New Zealand

Highly ranked universities

Studying for your PhD in New Zealand entails obtaining a credential that will be recognised in many countries worldwide. Every one of the country’s eight universities is ranked in the top 3% in the QS World University Rankings, which means international students will enjoy a world-class education.

In addition to becoming an expert in your area of interest, you will develop valuable transferable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and gain a competitive edge in a knowledge-based global market.

Within your three to four years of full-time studying for your PhD, you will be supervised throughout the original and in-depth work that you will need to present for your findings in a form of a thesis which will then be marked by a panel of external examiners. Source: Loic Venance / AFP

Pay domestic fees

International students often pay twice or triple the amount of tuition that domestic students do, but that’s not the case for those studying for a PhD in New Zealand, who pay the same fees as domestic students. International students can expect their tuition fees to range from NZ$6,500 to NZ$9,000 per year for most subjects.

You can bring your family with you

If you have travelled with your partner or spouse, they will be able to apply for an open work visa for the entire duration of your studies. Additionally, if you have a child old enough to enrol in school, you can enrol your child or children in any New Zealand state school as domestic students.

Unlimited work hours

If you’re looking to work while you study, have comfort in knowing that you do not have any limits on how many hours you are allowed to work.

Attractive post-study work visa

Upon graduating, you will be given a three-year post-study visa where you can work for any employer and in almost any job in New Zealand.

To be accepted to study for a PhD in New Zealand, you will need the proper academic qualifications that prove your competency and knowledge of your chosen subject area. Source: Loic Venance / AFP

What is the structure of a PhD in New Zealand?

The structure of a PhD in New Zealand is similar to programmes in other countries. This advanced research degree can be completed within three to four years of full-time study. Study With New Zealand notes that you’ll work under supervision to carry out your own original, in-depth work into an approved subject. You will present your findings in a thesis, which will be marked by a panel of external examiners. There may also be an oral examination to test your knowledge of your subject area.

What you need to apply

To be accepted to study for a PhD in New Zealand, it’s important to note that academic requirements differ between universities. For instance, you may be expected to have a bachelor’s or a master’s with first-class or second-class honours to be admitted as a PhD candidate. In some instances, a university may consider a candidate admission if they can demonstrate appropriate equivalent research experience. You may also need a reference from a research supervisor before you can apply. Do contact your preferred university directly for more information.

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