Ever thought about studying in Finland? Here’s why you should…

Ever thought about studying in Finland? Here's why you should...
Finland is a great destination to consider when looking at study abroad options. Source: Instagram/localtourist_

Once you’ve taken the plunge and decided you want to study abroad, you are bombarded with choices. There is a raft of quality further education to choose from across the globe and finding the right fit for you can be overwhelming and daunting.

Many students tend to stick to the main destinations of the United Kingdom, United States and Australasia for the draw of big name universities, world-class education and the opportunities after graduation. But casting the net a little further afield can have significant benefits without compromising on quality.

Finland may not be an obvious choice for many, but the more you know about the country, the more it makes sense as a top-flight study abroad destination.

The North European nation is world famous for its innovative and pioneering education system. It’s consistently one of the highest performing developed countries on the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), an important tool for measuring education systems worldwide.

They have a number of universities ranked among the best in the world, all of which offer a range of courses delivered in English.

But the benefits aren’t only academic. Finland also has considerably lower living costs than the other hot study abroad destinations, like the UK, US and Australia. Not to mention, the tuition fees are considerably lower than their counterparts, which for any international student is a major plus.

If this sounds like something you want to pursue, there’s help at hand. Organisations like Edunation are with you every step of the way from university application, right through to job placement after graduation.

Set up by Finnish locals, Edunation works to make the exceptional Finnish education system more accessible to international students.

“Students apply with us, we are a part of the student’s path, the whole time they are connected to us,” Edunation Business Development Manager Ella Gustaffson told Study International.

“We handle the recruitment procedure, but also when the students arrive to Finland, we provide them services and make connections for working life through internships and project work.”

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With a provider like Edunation with you every step of the way, students are able to focus on their studies and enjoy the experience of living in Finland.

And it’s not only the students that benefit. Finland has a shortage of certain key jobs, such as IT Engineer as well as nursing and medicine, says Gustaffson. The country is in need of talented people, and by recruiting students and educating them in Finland, they become a part of the community, gain valuable connections and want to stick around once they graduate.

Having said that the benefits to the students are significant.

“We are in the heart of Eurasia. We are the gateway to Europe and also Asia,” said Gustaffson. “We have good connections to both places, so for students it’s a very good location to get those connections that they can use in their working life.”

A life in Finland is something definitely worth considering. The capital of Finland is the second safest city in the world and has been named the most liveable city in the world. Outside the city crime rates are remarkably low, and the greatest risk to public safety comes from the wildlife – watch out for moose on the highways!

They also have a vibrant international culture and international students will find a warm welcome. The University of Helsinki, along with the rest of the country, has worked to establish an attractive and internationally competitive profile and international students have a strong network of support.

“I believe that when students look for that study abroad experience, they don’t look only for education, they look further – ‘what will happen when I graduate?” says Gustaffson. “We provide a very welcoming atmosphere for those students and endless opportunity.”

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