Study smart with these cool and useful apps
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For many university students, this time of year is crunch time – assignments and papers are due, and year-end exams are on the horizon.

You might be feeling overwhelmed with all you have to do before you’re off on vacation, but fret not! Here’s a list of some useful apps to help ease your study process and help you get organised.


Get the most out of your learning with GoConqr, a comprehensive learning toolkit.

You can create your own learning bundle and engage with others to enhance your learning with community-based features, as well as connect with other students all around the world through their social networking feature.

There is a library of over four million learning resources covering just about anything and everything, and there are also mindmaps, notes, slides, flashcards, and quizzes at your disposal. With the app, you can seamlessly connect your web account so all the learning resources you’ve created and saved are accessible on the go.

Check out how to create interactive maps with GoConqr here:

The GoConqr app is free to download with in-app purchases available. Find out what other students are saying about it here.


Do you have trouble organising your notes and keeping track of them?

Taking notes is an essential part of college (and life in general) yet we’re not all great at it. Evernote is an awesome note-taking app that organises your notes for you, where you can add attachments, record memos, clip web pages, and type notes directly into the app.

If you’re not a naturally organised person (we don’t judge!), this is perfect for you as you can manage your projects and set reminders with the app. With the built-in search feature, you can find everything you need easily, all in one place.

Check out this helpful video for students to use Evernote effectively:

Choose from three different plans (basic, premium, business) to suit your needs here. Once you set up your account, you can download the free app which syncs all your information across all devices.

Find out what other students are saying about it here.


The myHomework app is a digital student planner that helps students stay on top of their assignments, homework, and projects.

With the free version, you can receive reminders, view all your assignments on beautiful calendar displays, and track all your upcoming work including tests.

The premium account doesn’t have ads and allows you to attach files to your homework and access more themes, among other features. With this handy app, you can stay organised and never have to panic at the 11th hour when you’ve forgotten an assignment due the next day!

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how it works:

The myHomework app is free to download with in-app purchases available. Read reviews about it here.


Co-founded by Ed Cooke, a Grand Master of Memory, and Greg Detre, a Princeton neuroscientist who specialises in the science behind memory and forgetting, this website was launched after it won the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club 2009 TigerLaunch competition.

A few years later, the app was launched and it was named as the overall Best App winner of the Google Play Awards in May 2017.

The user-generated learning platform uses flashcards and other stimuli to create visual mnemonics as memory aids, with a ton of courses available, from grammar to language to periodic tables.

The free version has plenty of awesome features but you can upgrade to a Pro plan if you want even more. Struggling to memorise or learn something important? Check this app out and see if it helps you remember better!

See how it works with this Memrise language tutorial:

The Memrise app is free to download, and you can check out some reviews here.

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