5 Spotify and YouTube playlists to help you study

study music playlist
Listening to the "right" background music while studying may help you concentrate while studying. Source: Philippe Lopez/AFP

Exams are just around the corner, which means if you’re like most students, you’ve probably been occupying most of your time studying. For some, a study music playlist is a must to keep you going through the long hours of studying.

According to a 2018 survey conducted by the Tiger Hi-line, most students rely on a study music playlist in the background to improve concentration. Out of 75 responses, 65.3% of students said they listen to music while studying, while 28% said that they only do it sometimes. 

Listening to background music while studying has been proven to engage the areas of the brain involved with paying attention — allowing better concentration, improved memory formation and better endurance, according to a study by Stanford Medicine

However, the type of music you listen to matters too. 

A study in Research Gate reveals that 78 out of 80 students find listening to music while studying distracting. The reason for this? Listening to fast and loud background music with lyrics, as shown in a study conducted by the Psychology of Music

Research has shown that fast, loud and music with lyrics make it harder to understand and absorb reading material.

If you’re trying to improve your focus, consider listening to soft classical music or music with slow, chill beats. Studies suggest that music with a slow tempo and low fidelity with no lyrics can help students concentrate and enhance memory retention. 

Here are a few music playlists on Spotify and YouTube worth exploring: 

Spotify and YouTube study music playlists to keep you company

Deep Focus playlist (Spotify)

One of Spotify’s popular playlists is Deep Focus, which consists of ambient and post-rock music that is calming and soothing to the ears. The playlist makes great company for long study sessions with a running time of seven hours and 49 minutes. 

You won’t have to worry about it being repetitive as well, as Spotify adds new songs to the playlist and changes the order every now and then. 

Cosy lo-fi beats playlist (Spotify)

Updated weekly, this playlist consists of cosy lo-fi and chillhop beats that are excellent in motivating students to open their books.

It has a relaxing effect. The perfect tempo. And no lyrics.  

Forest rain sounds for sleeping or studying (Spotify)


If piano keys or soft, lo-fi beats don’t cut it for you, try studying to tranquil nature sounds.

This podcast plays eight hours’ worth of forest rain sounds. It’s soothing to the ears, keeps your brain engaged and helps mask noise that can be distracting.

Relaxing Bossa Nova and Jazz Music For Study – Smooth Jazz Music – Background Music (YouTube)

Cafe Music BGM channel on YouTube regularly produces cafe music for study, work, relaxation, or for other reasons that listeners may find helpful. 

The YouTube channel has tons of jazz playlists to listen to, so you won’t run out of new music that could help you focus on your studies. Plus, if you’re ever in need of some positivity, read the comments section.

You’ll love how encouraging and motivating everyone in the comments section is with each other. 

Ambient Study Music To Concentrate – 4 Hours of Music for Studying, Concentration and Memory (YouTube)

With over 28 million views, many students have found comfort in listening to this four-hour playlist during their study sessions. The comments section proves it.

One YouTube said: “I studied last week with this music. It took me a lot of hours, reading and practising. The day of the exam arrived. After two hours of answering the exam, I finished it and I passed! I’m so happy now.”