“The University of Liverpool allows you to tailor your degree to your interests. Having been at the University of Liverpool for two years now, it’s the best decision I’ve made .” – Nicole Watson, Geography

Set in a city that’s served as home to explorers and revolutionaries for more than eight centuries, the University of Liverpool is inspired by the pioneering spirit that’s very much still alive within its host community. With a vibrant student population of over 50,000, and more than 80 global languages singing from its streets, Liverpool and the world-class university that also bears its name, is recognised as one of the UK’s most diverse, culturally-rich and exciting knowledge economies.

With more than 70 academic departments and three cutting-edge faculties delivering more than 400 reputed programmes, Liverpool’s creative, forward-thinking vibe will ensure you excel no matter what your chosen discipline. As an esteemed member of the Russell Group collaboration, the Liverpool degree is one that resounds on an international scale, bringing a wealth of opportunity to its global network of alumni.

School of Environmental Sciences

The School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Liverpool is dedicated to the study of Planet Earth and the people who live on it, from the science of the Earth and Oceans to the ecology of nature; from the impact on and by mankind, to the interactions between people in their social and physical environments.

The school offers a superb interdisciplinary approach, ensuring students are taught by academics who are experts within their specialist fields. First-rate academics work closely with industry partners to create collaborations at the cutting edge of research, in order to inform its world-renowned and research-led teaching styles.

Created in conjunction with industry experts to meet industry demand, Liverpool’s Petroleum Reservoir Geoscience MSc is the only MSc in the UK that is solely-focused on developing the knowledge and skills required for Reservoir Geoscience, a growing industry that’s in-demand on a global scale.

Liverpool’s brand-new Geographic Data Science MSc is one that is unique and truly interdisciplinary.  This distinguished programme develops knowledge and expertise on how to implement and collate geographical data in order to identify and interpret information that can influence key decisions. i.e. location of a new retail complex or wind farm. This unique Geographic data science will help identify the viability of location, as well as the impact on nature and the human environment.

All programmes in the School of Environmental Sciences are taught to a high standard by leading world experts, leaving graduates not only highly qualified, but also sought-after by employers around the world. This is reflected in the fact that several of its students have beaten global competition to be awarded prestigious scholarships with ScottishPower Fundacion Iberdrola  to study MScs at the University of Liverpool.

The school’s comprehensive range of postgraduate programmes includes:

With its departments crossing the disciplines of Geology and Geophysics, Ocean Science, Ecology and Marine Biology, Geography, Planning and Civic Design, and Environmental Science, the school seeks to uncover the mysteries of everything from the Earth’s core and mantle, through to its lithosphere and crust, up to the tectonic processes expressed at the Earth’s surface in the form of earthquakes and volcanoes, and everything beyond.

“We study the past and present oceans in order to understand how they influence the climate system and the cycling of elements,” the institution notes. “We are interested in the shaping of the land past and present, from the building of mountains to their erosion by water, wind and ice. We investigate the Earth’s ecosystems, how they are impacted by our species and how human populations can be planned for and managed in the huge variety of environments in which we live,” the school adds.

“We are concerned with natural and human-induced risks to our population and to the planet ecosystem, and the means to mitigate them.”

Liverpool: A popular student city with a worldwide reputation

Located in the centre of Liverpool, a bold, energetic, innovative, ambitious and undeniably beautiful student hub, the School of Environmental Science at the University of Liverpool is producing the future generation of policy-makers and boundary-breakers, readily-equipped to help maintain planet Earth and the world as we’ve come to know it.

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