study English in Korea
Not only are many flocking to study English in Korea but the thought of immersing themselves in a K-culture (like the birthplace of BTS and Blackpink) is extremely attractive. Source:Marco Garcia/AFP

English is becoming more essential in Korea. It’s heavily promoted as a criteria for higher education, in the workforce and for job-performance evaluation — giving rise to a growing number of institutions teaching English in Korea.

They make an attractive alternative to traditional destinations to sharpen onest English language, such as the US, UK and Canada. Many are flocking to study English in Korea, drawn by the thought of immersing themselves in a K-culture it is, after all,  the birthplace of BTS and Blackpink).

However, the cost of living is slightly higher than South Korea’s Asian counterparts like China or Vietnam. A single adult can get by in South Korea on US$967 a month excluding rent. While the cost of living is slightly higher than the US, the rent in South Korea is on average lower. 

Don’t worry, though. There are many smart student hacks to help with this.

You can use your student card for discounts, take public transport (or even getting by on foot), and even get a part-time job to help tide you out. On the flip side, walking down the streets shown on K-dramas like the cafe from “Hotel Del Luna” and visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites (such as the Bulguksa Temple) are all things you’ll get to do if you choose to study English in Korea — and much more.

study English in Korea

Alternatively, if you’re looking to go further than to just study English in Korea, you can get your certification with TESOL in Incheon. Source: Anthony Wallace/AFP

Lexis English

Study English in Korea by enrolling in a programme at Lexis. Lexis English provides many programmes taught by experienced teachers and they have two campuses; Seoul and Busan.

The Seoul branch overlooks the bustling Gangnam district and is a top-notch study environment. 

Whether you’re looking to get a Cambridge qualification, score a high IELTS score or even earn a diploma, you’ll find a suitable programme that caters to your level here. Private tuition is also available where you can tailor your lessons to meet your personal requirements whether it’s preparing for an exam or entering the workforce.

They also have an option for customer service English which is a programme that leans towards your speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary in service practice. If you’re looking to step up your English proficiency game, you’d want to take a look at the Cambridge English Advanced programme.


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For this programme, you’ll study in a group class where everyone has the same goal — to follow an academic course at uni level and gain a qualification recognised by institutions around the world. It is taught by an experienced Cambridge teacher so you’ll leave this class with all the skills needed in English at a high level. 

British Council Korea

Study English in Korea by checking out what the British Council has to offer. With a range of in-person classes to online classes, you can book an assessment to see what level of English you’re currently at. 

For beginners, they have a class for adults called Complete English to build a solid foundation of the language at around US$240 a month for eight lessons. While myClass is a more interactive programme priced at US$330 for 40 lessons — spread over five months — and is more tailored to your needs. The Real Advanced programme focuses on real-life topics and issues in the world today and will cost you US$240 per month with four classes. All of these programmes are taught by English experts so you can rest assured that you’ll be learning to speak, listen, read and write in the right hands.

With six campuses, learning English at British Council Korea will have you in a flourishing environment designed by expert educators. Their Seocho campus offers seven interactive classrooms and a range of facilities along with being located near the Han River.

Teach English in South Korea 

Alternatively, if you’re looking to go further than to just study English in Korea, you can get your certification with TESOL in Incheon. Greenheart Travel will assist you with finding a private school so you can stay and teach. This would be one of the most popular ways to fully submerge yourself in South Korean culture.