How much does it cost to study in Canada?
Find out the latest costs of studying in Canada before you plan your study abroad journey. Source: Shutterstock

With lush landscapes, crazy cities and tranquil terrains, there isn’t a more idealistic country to study in than Canada.

With some of the world’s top universities in the world nestled between wondrous mountains and dramatic views, it’s no wonder that 353,570 international students flocked to Canada in 2015 alone.

But, how much does it really cost to go to university in Canada? And is it worth the value for money?

According to Maclean’s, a year of Canadian higher education will cost you an average of CAD$19,500 (US$14,489). This compares to US$28,972 average annual spend of a student in the US and £22,189 (US$29,210) in the UK.

The two biggest costs to students in Canada are unsurprisingly tuition fees, which take up 34 percent of the average total, and rent, which accounts for 40 percent.

Of course, students also have to pay for groceries, travelling and eating out. But, university also has more hidden costs like reading materials and travelling back home.

Although these are the general estimates for a year at Canadian university, it must be remembered that different lifestyles will generate totally different costs.

For example, a student who is living at home will save an estimated CAD$17,000 (US$13,474) a year compared to a student who is renting accommodation near their campus.

Location can also make a huge difference, with the average yearly spend varying from CAD$23,485 (US$18,647) at the University of Toronto, to only CAD$4,284 (US$3,400) at Sherbrooke University.

However, if your dreams of studying in Canada had been squashed by this information, fear not!

There are a range of scholarships available for international students to help fund your Canadian academic adventure. You can access a range of scholarships through Study Canada which has information and links to financial aid for secondary, language, certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and graduate school levels.

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