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Study at a London-based school that pioneered interior and garden design in the UK

If there’s one thing that London does best, it’s the seamless fusion of understated sophistication and dramatic originality that characterises every aspect of the city.

For over six decades, the Inchbald School of Design in London’s historic Chelsea neighbourhood has stood as a bastion of elegance in the field of interior and garden design. Considered a pioneer in the British design profession, the school was founded by its current Dean, Jacqueline Duncan OBE, who sought to fill a gap in the British educational system and provide a disciplined and well-structured design curriculum.

Fast forward to the 2020s, Inchbald’s influence within the British design profession is undeniable — the School was instrumental to the establishment of the British Institute of Interior Design, the only professional body for interior designers in the UK. Recognised as London’s preeminent school of interior and garden design, Inchbald’s founding philosophy transformed design from a peripheral vocation into a coveted career choice.

Professional design expertise with an edge

Students who enrol at Inchbald will revel in walking the same path that forged the careers of internationally-acclaimed alumni such as garden designer Luciano Giubbelei and interdisciplinary interior designer Zeynep Fadıllıoğlu, who was nominated for the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

Inchbald School of Design

Source: Inchbald School of Design

Whether you’re keen on adding a touch of personal style to indoor spaces or external landscapes, Inchbald’s commitment to unearth the individual talent of each student serves as the perfect launchpad for your career in high-end design.

Using a multidisciplinary approach, the interior design courses are structured to engage critical thinking with the interplay of form and function in the design process. The two-year BA (Hons) Architectural Interior Design equips students with adaptive creativity to master the technical aspects of the course and how it interacts with aesthetics.

The programmes are modular and include elements that range from spatial configuration and ergonomics, to professional work observation for a full immersion into the design process. Students will have the opportunity to apply theory into practice during their final semester with a written report reflecting on a personal project from concept to execution.

If you want to take your design portfolio to the next level, why not venture into the Master of Arts Architectural Interior Design programme? The integration of academic and professional components allows you to undertake comprehensive project-based analysis of design ideas with greater autonomy in project selection. The stronger emphasis on self-directed study and practical approach produce confident graduates with a solid portfolio ready for industry practice.

The dissertation module allows for exploration of a relevant design related issue as a written report or as a design project with a written accompaniment. In each case you have the chance to explore design and contemporary attitudes to it.

In 1972, the Inchbald Faculty of Garden Design was established, pioneering the nascent field of landscape design as a profession. Today, the two-year BA (Hons) Garden Design is a cornerstone of the faculty, arming aspiring garden designers with a validated qualification that is accredited by Wrexham Glyndwr University. The programme encompasses planting and irrigating, as well as concepts of sustainability in both residential and public spaces to cultivate design confidence among graduates.

Inchbald School of Design

Source: Inchbald School of Design

Can’t commit to two years of full-time study? Inchbald also offers short courses for local students, ranging from 12 weeks to one year, with the flexibility to pursue the latter courses part-time. Enrol in the online, 13-week Design Your Own Living Space course to nurture your budding inner designer, or register for on-campus certificate courses such as Inchbald Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration or the Glyndwr Certificate in Garden Design to develop elementary skills for an entry into the industry.

Become a career-ready designer

Designs don’t exist in a vacuum — they are a natural result of attentiveness to people’s diverse needs. At Inchbald, the designer-client relationship forms the backbone of the process to guide conceptualisation and delivery. Students develop the problem-solving skills they need to interpret clients’ requirements in site projects, where inspiration meets thoughtful interpretation for ideas to bloom.

Through refinement and collaboration at different stages of the design process, students learn to trust their gut and expertise to fully realise their ideas. Expert tutors and professional designers are on deck to advise students in making strategic decisions about their career trajectory. With the skills and confidence gained at Inchbald, graduates will confidently take on opportunities in London, or launch a global career to pursue their dreams.

Studying in Inchbald isn’t just about the school —you also reap the benefits to living and learning in London. The amalgamation of culture and history provides endless inspirations to ignite your artistry, while the diversity on campus and in the city will make you feel at home in a welcoming environment. The close-knit community of 100 students at Inchbald fosters collaboration and interactivity, creating an ideal atmosphere for a focused, engaging educational experience.

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