Quiz: Which European country should you study in?
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Quiz: Which European country should you study in?

Quiz: Which European country should you study in?

Europe is one of the most popular study abroad regions for students from all over the world. Elite universities, developed economies, rich cultures, bucket list locations – the list of attractive elements goes on. But with 44 countries on the continent, choosing where to study abroad in Europe is no easy task.

Let our quiz help with this decision-making process! We’ve narrowed down the choices to the European countries that ranked in the top five of Study.EU’s Country Rankings. The league table examines how attractive each country is to international students using several weights: Education (45 percent), Cost (30 percent), and Life & Career (25 percent).


For a large variety of English-medium courses, the Netherlands is the best European country for your studies. But there may be trade-offs… Source: Marc Kleen/Unsplash

Get started on the quiz below:

Study Abroad in Europe: Which country is best for me?

1. Which of the following is most important to you?

2. Are you planning to work in your host country after graduating?

3. Must your main language of instruction be English?

4. Which of the following is more important to you?

5. What kind of living costs suits your budget?

6. Is it essential for you to live in a country with high English proficiency?

7. How important is personal safety to you?

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