Students receive inspirational talk from star-turned-entrepreneur Wu Chun
Wu Chan visited Jerudong International School, Brunei, and gave inspirational talk. Source: Jeurdong International School Flickr.

Actor, singer, model and entrepreneur Wu Chun delivers an inspirational talk to students at Jerudong International School (JIS) as he dropped in for the school’s latest “lunchtime lecture”.

Renowned for his performance in My Other Home and Martial Universe, as well as for being one-quarter of Taiwanese Mandopop act Fahrenheit, Wu Chun had a wealth of experiences to share with the students.

His fame may set him apart from the crowd, but Wu Chun’s message was clear: anyone who is passionate and hardworking can be a successful entrepreneur.

“Business has to be meaningful. Business has to be your passion, something that you really like. Being an entrepreneur is not easy – you have to work long hours, you have to be hands-on and you have to motivate a team to perform well. Being a good leader is very important,” he told the students.

Although Wu Chun is often in the limelight for his performances, his business know-how has also earned him respect as one of Brunei’s most successful businessmen.  

Owning the artisan bakery Bake Culture, creative healthy cafe The Energy Kitchen, Brunei’s largest health club Fitness Zone, salon to the stars WoMen Hair Salon and restaurant Roti Culture, Wu Chun offered students knowledge in a wide range of business endeavours.

However, he modestly explained:

“I don’t know everything, but in my experience in business, I’ve learnt and want to share that you need to have the right kind of attitude.”

“You have to commit to your dream. When you start a business, it is your dream, it’s your baby, but if you give it your full commitment then it can grow into something amazing because miracles do happen if you truly believe in it.”

Wu Chun giving his ‘lunchtime lecture’ to JIS students. Source: Jerudong International School

Students were also given a lesson in the importance of charity work, a sentiment at the heart of JIS education.

“Some people think going clubbing is very cool but I want to tell you that helping people, doing charity work, is even cooler,” said Wu Chun.

JIS has an ongoing effort to give to charity, which is encouraged through the Polio Points system. Students can earn points for good behaviour, which is translated into charity donations.

“Polio Points are really meaningful and very encouraging for students to prove themselves. It’s programmes like this that make JIS what it is. The school is more about building personality than focusing only on results. They want to make learning fun and such an encouraging culture is definitely the right direction for the students,” Wu Chun said.

The students were touched by Wu Chan’s passion. Wendy Aquino, International Baccalaureate Diploma student and Upper Years Council member, who interviewed Wu Chun told Study International: “Wu Chun is a very passionate person, not only about his businesses but most definitely his family. It was great to hear his perspective on business, fame and charity work, and I think that is what made the audience keen to listen and participate more.”

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