A modern day Romeo emailed every Claudia on campus to find his dream Tinder match. Source: Unsplash.com

The world of dating apps is sometimes criticised for ruining romance and making it all too easy to find your newest hook-up.

But one modern day Romeo has broken the Tinder stereotype and gone out of his way to find the girl of his dreams.

After accidentally swiping past someone who stole his heart, Hayden Moll just couldn’t let the opportunity to get to know her pass him by.

Determined to find her, Moll emailed every girl called Claudia at Missouri State University after trawling through the email database.

“First off, my name is Hayden, and I accidentally made a rookie mistake on Tinder. I accidentally swiped left on Claudia’s profile (left is bad) and I really wanted to swipe right,” he wrote in the email he sent to over 20 Claudias.

Since Tinder does not provide any personal information except pictures and a first name, a lovesick Moll had no choice but to send an email describing his intended profile to all the Claudias at the university.

“I’m just asking, if this is your profile I described, please message me back with ‘right’ or ‘left’ so I know if you’re interested or not. If you choose ‘right’ we could totally get some donuts or something but if you chose ‘left’ that’s cool too,” he wrote.

The email was shared by the long-lost Claudia on her Twitter over the weekend, captioned with: “THIS GUY LITERALLY EMAILED EVERY CLAUDIA AT MISSOURI STATE TO FIND ME ON TINDER.”

Neither have confirmed whether they did end up going for donuts, or whether she decided to swipe right.

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